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September 23, 2023


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West Virginia police agencies donate cruisers to Kentucky department hit hard by flooding

West Virginia police agencies donate cruisers to Kentucky department hit hard by flooding

Whitesburg P.D.

West Virginia law enforcement agencies responded to calls for help from a police department in neighboring Kentucky hit hard by the recent floods by donating a few of their retired police cruisers.

The Whitesburg Police Department in Kentucky initially turned to social media after the flooding destroyed seven of its police vehicles.

“I know it may be a long shot but we are desperate for police cars. We’ve lost around seven total cars,” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office and Hurricane Police Department in West Virginia heeded the call, each donating a retired police vehicle.

“We are in the process of donating at least one retired police cruiser to Whitesburg Police Department in Kentucky … If all goes as planned, we will deliver the cruiser (or two) Tuesday evening,” Boone County Sheriff Chad Barker wrote on Facebook.

The Hurricane Police Department said they also donated a vehicle on July 31.

“We always try to reach out. That’s the beauty of living in southern West Virginia, more specifically in Boone County,” Sheriff Chad Barker told WCHS 8. “People always come together. People always have their way of showing their support whether it be through water, cleaning supplies, vehicles or whatever is needed. Our folks always band together and do the right thing.”

The department is currently collecting cleaning supplies to deliver to Letcher, Kentucky, to assist flood victims.

“One day, we will be on the other end, and hopefully, those folks will help us as well,” Barker added.

Heavy rain unleashed disastrous flooding in the northeast mountainous area of the state, with a death toll at 37 and climbing. It is some of the worst flooding in the state’s recent history, and has leveled critical infrastructure, displaced thousands and washed away homes.

Governor Andy Beshear blamed the floods on climate change.

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