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September 23, 2023


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Traffic stop gets violent, Wisconsin deputies win without using deadly force

Traffic stop gets violent, Wisconsin deputies win without using deadly force

A pair of Racine County Sheriff’s deputies were able to contain a potentially dangerous situation when they stopped convicted drug dealer Hezekiah Saffold on Thursday.

According to CBS 58, Saffold was pulled over for a traffic violation and deputies noticed he moved a backpack from the front seat to the back seat while they were approaching.

Deputies then asked him to step out of the car while they performed a search and found a loaded glock inside the bag.

When deputies notified him he was under arrest, Saffold began to pull away and become physical with the deputies in an attempt to flee.

“It’s violent. He’s struggling, he’s on the ground with our deputies, he’s violently pulling away,” said Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmalling.

A K9 was also present to help subdue Saffold before things got truly violent.

The Sheriff’s Office released the video in an effort to be transparent about what occurred that Wednesday morning.

Along with the gun, cash and cocaine were also found in the backpack.

Saffold faces multiple charges.

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