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September 23, 2023


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Police blame “reform” on unsolved homicides – Law Officer

Police blame “reform” on unsolved homicides – Law Officer

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In what everyone knew would happen but the so called criminal justice “reformers,” more people are getting away with murder in the United States. The experiment that is the reform movement combined with progressive prosecutors has left many literally getting away with murder.

The Washington Times interviewed several law enforcement investigators that say their hands have been tied.

“Criminal justice reform is crushing investigations. I apprehended individuals on something minor and they wanted to make a deal because they didn’t want to go to jail. Now we don’t have the snitch pool of low-level offenders willing to talk about bigger fish. It’s huge and it’s such a simple concept,” said Paul Beekman, a former police officer and president of the Western New York Fraternal Order of Police.

Indeed, Washington D.C. Metro has cleared just 49% of their homicides in 2022 while Cincinnati police have cleared just 61%.

The increase in murders following the “Defund” movement is also having a toll on the very men and women tasked with solving the nation’s murders.

Sources tell Law Officer that homicide detectives across the nation are feeling a “burnout” that is wrecking their lives to the point where many seasoned detectives are leaving the job.

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