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October 4, 2023


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Deputies break up chaotic Disney World brawl between two families

Deputies break up chaotic Disney World brawl between two families


Disney World, known as the “happiest place on earth,” was recently the scene of an angry brawl that erupted between two very unhappy families.

Orange County sheriff’s deputies responded to a chaotic scene at the Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida, on July 20 after a fist fight broke out between two families in the park.

According to deputies, the fight broke out between Cinderella’s Castle and Peter Pan’s Flight in the Fantasyland section of the park.

“We came upon it, and it appeared as though it took about two minutes for two security personnel to arrive. Deputies arrived probably about five minutes after that,” an eyewitness said.

The fight, which consisted of yelling and screaming and wild punches, lasted for several minutes before it was broken up by deputies and park staff.

A video of the clash, taken by a bystander and posted on the Walt Disney World News Today blog, showed a wild scene as the families squared off with each other.

The video shows several good Samaritans at the park attempting to break up the fight between the two families. One family can be seen wearing similar color-coordinated clothes and Disney World T-shirts. Hair pulling and sucker punches can be seen amid the chaos.

Witnesses say the fight stemmed from an altercation that occurred when the families were waiting in line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic. One female guest apparently left her phone on her electric conveyance vehicle and left to get it while her family saved her a spot in the line. However, on attempting to return, the woman was impeded from entering by the other family involved in the fight.

The woman’s family then waited outside the theater to confront the other family.

“We don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister,” someone said.

The conversation escalated into shouting and eventually erupted into a physical fight that led to one individual being hospitalized with facial lacerations.

Others sustained smaller bruises as a result of the fight.

The sheriff’s office said they arrested three people on battery misdemeanor charges. The families were also banned from the park.

Deputies say the fights are common at the park. In May, a woman was injured with a brain bleed during a fight while waiting for the fireworks show.

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