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September 23, 2023


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British Mob Ransacks Shop Before Stomping On A Teen’s Face To Steal Her Phone!

A 19-year-old woman has said she is too ‘afraid to leave the house at night’ after she was beaten by a mob of youths shouting ‘get her phone’.

Chloe Miller had been on her way to her local corner shop with her mother and sister on August 27 when she was attacked on a street in South Norwood, London, leaving her concussed and with heavy bruising all over her body.

Video footage posted on social media showed Miss Miller being punched and kicked to the ground by the gang.

Now new footage from earlier in the evening shows thugs shamelessly ransacking a newsagent nearby before the young woman was attacked in the street.

Miss Miller said: ‘There were already loads of people out there, we’d seen they’d been trashing shops and heard the police sirens.

The young woman told MyLondon ‘about 20 people’ piled on top of her, knocking her over before ‘kicking and stomping on her’.

She can be seen trying to cover her head, unable to defend herself as she was attacked from all sides. Posted By Ghost

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