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September 23, 2023


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Berea police rescue of woman stuck upside down in gym goes viral on TikTok

Berea police rescue of woman stuck upside down in gym goes viral on TikTok

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Berea police recently rescued a woman who got stuck upside down while using a machine at the gym in a bizarre incident that went viral on social media.

The comical and embarrassing 9-1-1 call and rescue was captured on video and has since garnered over eight million views TikTok.

Christine Faulds was working out at 3 a.m. at a Powerhouse Gym on West Bagley Rd. in Berea, Ohio, when she got stuck in an inverted position while using a tilt table machine.

While hanging upside down, she attempted to call her friend, who was also working out at the gym with her, but he was unable to hear her.

She then struggled to free herself from her position by attempting to unclasp her legs from the straps but was unable to reach them.

At the same time, the embarrassing situation was being recorded by her phone, which was placed several feet away.

The influencer said she wanted “to record a video of me on the inversion table and just say how much I love it for my low back, especially when I’m going to the gym at 3 a.m. and my back is really stiff and doesn’t want to wake up.”

After hanging for a bit longer, Faulds resorted to calling 9-1-1 on her Apple Watch.

“This is so embarrassing,” Faulds told 911 dispatchers. “I’m stuck in this reverse like back decompression thing. I am in Berea. Sorry, I’m on my watch … there’s only one other person at the gym, and I got stuck in this, you know this back, backboard thing?” she said.

Faulds explained further, adding, “I think the thing went too far, and I just got stuck upside down and cannot get myself right-side up. I’m trying to get my buddy’s attention, but he’s in the other room lifting. I’m sorry, I’m just stuck,” she said in her 9-1-1 call.

When Berea police officers arrived, Faulds was relieved. “Oh, dear Lord, my ankles are burning!” she said.

The officer and her friend helped flip her over, and she was able to escape.

“Easiest, easiest rescue ever,” she told the officer.

Faulds said she learned her lesson, and will only use the inversion table with the help of a friend.

The video has since attracted over eight million views on TikTok. Many commenters said if it wasn’t for her smartwatch, she could have been in big trouble.

“When the Apple Watch saves the day, lol, girl, I’m so sorry, but I can’t stop laughing!” one person commented.

Being suspended upside down for an extended period of time can lead to a suspension trauma injury, which can cause fainting and other detrimental health effects.

According to health-line, such a position can rarely be fatal.

“It is possible to die from hanging upside-down for too long. It’s rare, but blood can pool to the head, which can be extremely dangerous for the body.”

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