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October 4, 2023


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Alabama deputy’s patrol car gets broken into by pair of goats

Alabama deputy’s patrol car gets broken into by pair of goats

Madison Co. S.O.

For an Alabama deputy, the classic excuse of an animal eating one’s homework turned literal after a pair of goats ate his paperwork.

According to a Facebook post from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Casey Thrower was dropping off some legal papers only to find that several goats had broken into his patrol car and were causing a raucous upon his return.

“Here’s a little Friday funny humor to lighten your evening. While working patrol division, nothing is considered routine: This morning while delivering civil papers, Deputy Casey Thrower returned to his patrol vehicle to find an eager — and hungry — couple of GOATS,” the department wrote.

According to the post, Deputy Thrower was delivering civil documents to a home when the pair of goats ambushed his car.

Upon returning to the vehicle, Thrower found that one of the goats had clambered into the front seat and was chewing up some of his paperwork. Meanwhile, a smaller goat managed to climb on top of the car and was trampling upon the police light.

Thrower took a video of the incident, which showed the mischievous goats rifling through his paperwork and trampling on his car.

“Get out of there! Are you kidding me?” Thrower can be heard saying.

The sheriff’s office said that Thrower occasionally leaves his door open in case he needs a quick getaway from attacking dogs. They noted that he had been attacked by canines in the past while making home deliveries.

“Deputy Thrower has been serving the citizens of Madison County for about 40 years and is considered one of our G.O.A.T deputies,” the department punned.

Social media users were quick to point out the humor of the situation.

“He had to document it because no one would have believed “a goat ate my paperwork,” one person commented.

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