Zip Gun

Zip Gun

In all reality, this is a Zip Gun, and could be lethal if used by the criminal element, Zip Guns are sometimes referred to as Saturday Night Specials.  In the days to come you will see more and more of these types of weapons hitting the mean streets of America, mainly because the liberal democrats would like to see all guns vanished from the face of the earth. Zip guns are nothing new and have been around since the 1920’s during the gangster wars. In 2017, guns are becoming more and more difficult to  buy due to over rated background checks and the cost factor associated with owning a firearm.  Yes, you can easily buy a gun underground as they’re not hard to find, but to buy one legally it can be a long process. Plus, ammunition is getting harder to find and over time you’ll , start to see what I am talking about here.  So then, if guns go away, people will build there very own versions and sell them underground.

Zip Guns, may not be fancy but they’re deadly, do not underestimate a Zip Gun.  In the video provide, the Zip Gun, is identified as a “Booby Trap” however, we can see it is much more. is not advocating or giving you suggestions on how to build a Zip Gun, but rather educate you on the safety of the importance of weaponry. Please do not attempt to make such a Zip Gun without consulting your attorney prior.  This informational video is for entertainment purposes.

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