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ABC Channel 7 reports: Civil Rights groups are tracking a surge in white nationalist activity and some of the new breed of leaders come from California.
Credit to: By Dan Noyes
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 10:55PM

In summary: Civil Rights groups are tracking a surge in white nationalist activity and some of the new breed of leaders come from California. Thirty-four years ago ABC7’s Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes reported for CNN on a Nazi rally that turned into a violent confrontation in Virginia. In some ways, not much has changed except the leadership and some of the tools they have for recruiting and getting their message across. The Anti-Defamation League’s regional office in San Francisco works with other organizations to track hate groups. ADL Central Pacific Director Seth Brysk was shocked and disturbed by what he saw in Charlottesville over the weekend. “This is the largest gathering of white supremacists that we’ve seen in this country for at least a decade, possibly in several decades.” Brysk says different hate groups that have not been able to work together in the past are now finding ways to cooperate. “Skinheads, white nationalists, white supremacists and now, of course, the so-called alt-right movement that sought to sort of give her an air of respectability to some of these extreme views, all coming together all coalescing around their racist points of view,” Brysk said. Right in the thick of it-a Northern California man seems to have emerged as a leader.

Of course, the above summary is only an overview opinion from a far left organization. Our view consists of a conservative view, meaning most of the protestors are mainly opportunists, trouble makers and the like.   We do not believe they’re working together or have come together to form any type of organization. I guess whenever there is a large gathering of Caucasians the leftist will refer to them as white supremacists, but that is a far cry from the truth. However, there is a large amount of the crowd who are proud American citizens who are rising up as a voice to be heard in America.  Truly, the Nazi theory is old and is probably only a handful of misfit wannabe type individuals who are mostly troubled.  White people will undoubtedly rise up as we see at WhiteTrash.news, a Facebook page emerging from within the trenches of society. Please understand, we do believe in justice and we do believe in people voicing their opinion but when protestors wear helmets and bring bats to a protest then there is going to be trouble. Hopefully, laws can be passed which prohibits people who are attending such a protest from possession any thing such as shield, helmet, bats etc…

We stand with President Trump and although he is a man of many words, he is our Commander-N-Chief!

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