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White NationalistWhite Nationalist

White Nationalist or real Americans?

White Nationalist, our senses tell us the group known as the, “White Nationalists” are nothing more than a gang of no good people who just want to create hate and discontent? Or, do we consider them the all Americans who just want to be heard?  The Anglo-Saxon rule has been identified as the silent majority who seems to have finally awakened and shook the world! Seems to me the #FAKEMEDIA has it all wrong when they identified white nationalists as Nazi rebels trying to take over the United States.

Our civilian police departments have been over burden with protests across America and have been told to stand down!  Our police want to take action, however, city and county government officials do not want to cross the so-called line and upset anyone, this is mainly because they want to see re-election and some jurisdictions are so liberal they will not support their police or jurisdiction.  This mainly due to opportunists and basic criminal activity they do not want to lose their own control.

Police Officers told stand down!

When Deputy Sheriff’s and or Police Officer’s are told to stand down it literally crushes them because they serve the people and the people want action. Especially when the roadways, highways and freeways are being blocked and they can’t get to work or better yet because ambulances and fire fighters can’t get through traffic.  People are now considering protestors as animals, meaning they do not have much sense and act as an animal would in the roadway, not realizing the danger that awaits them.

The police do want to take action but have their hands tied and if they do take action they have to be very careful as they themselves will be under the microscope!  Meaning, police administrators who answer to the city or council will be forced politically to take some type of action against them.  So then, the police cannot win!  Don’t be offended by what I say here, not all sheriff or police departments stoop to this level but as we can see history there are a lot of them that do.

Fact Checking Sanctuary Cities

We hear more and more about so-called sanctuary cities across America who are willing to break Federal laws and attempt to pass their own municipal laws or states laws to shield themselves from the Federal government.  President Donald Trump, say’s drain the swamp! Well, it looks as though he has done an excellent job and at least trying his best to do just that.

Our suggestion to the each of you is to do some, “Fact Checking” before being to critical against the police or President Donald Trump as you’ll find a wide assortment of #FAKEMEDIA all over the internet. Sanctuary cities are mostly crime ridden cities with many illegal and or undocumented people from all over the world allowed in by the corrupt Obama administration over the past eight years, running amok and allowing illegal entry into the United States without being vetted.  Are these people murders, rapists, child molesters?

Are these people stricken with disease from other countries?  Have these people been immunized? Are they jail birds forced out of their countries?  Are they terrorists, such as Islamic Radical Terrorists?

New World Order?

Are we getting closer to a, “New World Ord ver?” My thoughts are everyday we’re getting closer as it relates to scriptures in our Holy word.  The Bible references, “Wars and rumors of wars.” It also references division, there will be division between brother against brother and so on… We can see America being divided by the #FAKEMEDIA who like it or not do shape our worldly view.

All we can do is ban together as Christians and fight evil at all costs possible. We’ve all heard of the company in Wisconsin who is now inserting a “chip” in the hand of their employee’s in effort to gain computer access within their company…look it up!  We are very luck Hillary Clinton did not become our president as we surely would have been doomed!

This was not allowed by the God Almighty, instead He placed Donald Trump, President, in power of our great country. Yes, there are some things I do not like about him but I can say that about just about everyone I know, he is not perfect!

He has came along way, and is continuing to do the best he can for all Americans.  We must resist, “New World Order” as it relates to one form of identification, this will be the start of things to come. Our mission is to pray for one another and be true to our faith.

Until next time my friends…..

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