Watch Your Six

Watch your six? If you’re a police officer or military soldier you’re familiar with this term!  For those of you who do not know, look at it like a clock in where 12:00 is directly a head, to the right is 3:00, behind you is 6:00 and to the left is 9:00, this colloquial term was initiated in the military for knowing your direction and or horizon.  Over time, it developed into somewhat of a code among military soldiers and police officers.  In better terms, it means “watch your back!”  Or, for some it means “got your six!”  In the year 2016, police officers have adopted the term “watch your six” due to the extreme violence and the war on police.  A lot of police officers believe there is a “war on police” derived from the thug movement known as “black lives matter” from the Ferguson fallout in where black lives matter protestors looted and burned down their own city. Since the police are a para-military organization it is these terms which have been adopted from military soldiers which have served civilian policing well.

You have to remember many military soldiers become police officers after their tour of service has ended and they bring with them excellent training and experience to the field of law enforcement.  Due to so many police officers being killed in the line of duty between 2015 and today, you can see why they use terms “watch your six.” Although the term is a generic piece of art, many police officers enjoy using the term between one another to remind themselves to be careful.  In today’s policing, you never know what is going to happen once you hit the mean streets of America, it doesn’t matter if you work in a rural area or metro area people are people.  With all the race baiters alive and well today spewing nonsense to the American people it is difficult for the police to do their jobs effectively and efficiently with the amount of violence they’re being faced with.  The police are ridiculed not only by society but the media as well.  After all, good police stories don’t sell but the juicy bad police stories make big bucks!

Please don’t get me wrong here because they’re good citizens in society who are 100% for the police and will back them up with no problem.  It really is only the criminal element and or the leftist liberals who can’t seem to shut their mouths and want to be able to resist the police and refuse to be held accountable and or responsible. Our youth today have been damaged by the liberal race baiters who literally make little sense in their ideology when dealing with the police.  To exacerbate the issue even further our Commander-N-Chief appears to do everything he can to question the police and does not back them up.  This is evident by numerous public appearances in where he makes statements in further resistance to the police.  Soon, he will be out of office and the federal authorities can get back to taking care of business.  Could you imagine what John Edgar Hoover would say to all the nonsense coming out of the White House? I can only imagine, but I am sure he would encourage all police officers to “watch your six!” I realize this is a different time era but police work has not changed much from the beginning of time.

Police Officers must remain vigilant and continue to have faith in the justice system, plus our citizenry have to work with our police and not against them.  Hillary Clinton, suggests police reform,  which is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Remember, like I said earlier the leftist liberals want to place the blame on the police and refuse to be compliant.  A soft uniform, or the making of a warrior into a guardian is very foolish….that would be like taking our military into battle and giving them pop-guns with a script to negotiate over a cup of coffee instead of taking out our enemy.  We can only hope & pray we have a normal, average new President who is logical and reasonable in their actions and statements. American civilian policing is suffering greatly and I personally believe it is all being fueled by the current government administration in order for an ulterior motive by a few elected officials.  As you can see, police officers most likely are under a great amount of stress and pressure to be politically correct in today’s world.  You have to remember they are humans and have families just like us.  Please support your police, they have nothing against you or I, they are merely doing their jobs trying to enforce the law and protect all of us.  Yes, there are bad apples within law enforcement but that goes….. with everybody and every business abroad.  Lastly, “watch your six!

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