War on Police

It is no secret a, “war on police” has been declared on the mean streets of America.  It all started with the shooting death of Michael Brown, who was killed when he attacked an on duty police officer in the City of Ferguson, Missouri.  The poor town of Ferguson, comprised of mostly African Americans spiraled out of control believing Michael was unjustly killed.  The residents fed into political correctness as it relates to liberal views without knowing all the facts.  Pretty soon, all the race baiters started arriving in town such as Al Sharpton who did nothing more than get everyone riled up. Before you knew it a handful of demonstrators showed up on the street to protest, however, if you ask most people they believe the protesters were nothing more than a bunch of thugs or better yet opportunists looking to steal whatever they could get away with.  As time goes on, the media rushed to Ferguson in order to get in on the action, it was like a frenzy of reporters from around the world awaiting to pounce on anything the police did wrong.  With all the televised images being strewn across the airwaves and social media outlets the Ferguson police looked like straight killers. Reporters went as far to showing close up shots of what they call fear on the face of the officers, belittling the police at any given moment. The media outlets cried fowl when heavy duty equipment was brought into protect the citizens and the police.  The media was so out of control they fell into the hands of the protesters with some of the journalists being assaulted.

Many believe the race baiters were fueling the protesters which only made things worse. The fact is Michael Brown attacked a police officer and was shot dead because of it.  The police officer was cleared of any wrong doing.  This infuriated the race baiters, they wanted more blood!  There was rioting, burning, looting, shootings and eventually most of the little town of Ferguson was destroyed and looted and burnt to the ground.  The media was salivating over the news, it was receiving big attention and network sales were going through the roof!  Eventually, Obama stuck his finger in it and sent over his soldier Attorney General Eric Holder.  Eric was to look at the situation and figure out a plan of execution.  Well, his plan failed because the police officer who shot Michael Brown had not violated any laws and did his job like any other good police officer would  have done. The Department of Justice is still investigating what they believe is police corruption within the Ferguson Police Department and have offered a consent decree.  The City of Ferguson has mostly disagreed with the consent decree and is being sued by the Department of Justice for failing to comply.  Rumors have it, Ferguson Police Department will most likely dissolve but the bigger issue is if so, “Who in their right mind would take over?”  Exactly, nobody!  The City of Ferguson is poor and only pays its officers meek salaries and benefits to begin with.

It is not so much the City of Ferguson and Ferguson Police Department who needs to change as it is the citizenry of the city who needs changing.  If the citizens are poor, uneducated and out committing crimes they will always find themselves in the same situation over and over as things will never change.  In the meantime, celebrities have became involved, our government, activists and the like….all trying to get on the band wagon.  Why?  It is because the media shapes our world view and they tried their best to mirror Ferguson after Selma, Mississippi back in the day when African Americans were rioting over civil right violations.  Everybody went down in the history books, wrong, right or indifferent.  So then, why not the same with Ferguson, Missouri? Yup, you see reality now right?  Here is the caveat and that is the, “war on police” was facilitated not only by our government but by the media causing a psychological affect on the American people.  This affect is widely known in the police profession as the “Ferguson Affect” and it is alive and well today. What this means to police is that society has lost faith and the criminal element believes it is okay to take advantage of police officers as they have no governmental support and people will back them instead of the police. Criminals truly believe they can resist the police and hope for a big payout in the end if they do it right, if nothing more they will go down in the history books as a statistic.

Bottom line is our government officials have played out their role for the history books and now they’re looking back asking themselves the question were they right?  Every single person who played their part in the Ferguson uprising now has blood on their hands as the end result was major pain and multi-millions of dollars in property damage and loss of life.  All because they wanted to go down in history as being a part of Ferguson, leaving the city in shambles, broke and in a worse position than when it all began.  Soon, Obama will be out of office and we will have someone new to lead our country but until then nothing will change.  Why?  It is because people who believe they have been discriminated against by the so-called racist live in the past and will not themselves allow change, instead they keep breathing life into old events such as Selma, Mississippi.  Jumping ahead, our police officers have to be super diligent as the criminal element believes they can do whatever they want and not be held to answer.  Be ever diligent my friends there is a “War on Police.”

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