Viral Police Videos

Viral Police Videos? Well, police have taken notice to social media outlets in where viral police videos are making a big splash in the media.  It is well known these viral police videos are viewed sometimes millions of times and generally do not always tell the whole story.  Police Officers across America are concerned with these so-called viral police videos which appear to be changing the way police conduct business.  It does not always mean the viral police video is negative or against the police, however, people are educating themselves on how police conduct themselves in a wide variety of situations.  The bad part is society seems to want to dictate on how police should handle the situation and or event after the fact, which causes great controversy to say the least.

One thing I will say is you’re a police officer and assigned as “School Resource Officer” or you receive a call at a school regarding a student please take it upon yourself to do everything you can not to take the hands on approach.  Why?  Well, trust me you can slam those students to the ground and maybe they deserve it but they’re still kids, juveniles, minors or students….it doesn’t matter they’re someone’s kid.  What I am trying to say here is you will doubtfully when your argument with school officials and or your department not counting society.  Why?  Again, because it is someone’s kid and when you place your hands on them it better be more than justified. If it were I, my position would be to tell school security to handle them and or demand their parents be called and call for a supervisor right away.  School campuses are a hot topic right now and all those kids have cell phones, so your chances of defending your actions may be bleak even if  you believe your following the rules or law.

Do yourself a favor, you do not have to agree with me but at least think about what I am saying.  I am not against you, I am merely trying to get you to do the alternative so you will not be one of those in the viral police videos.  Of course, I want  you to take action but I would also expect you to use good judgement and to be safe.  Why give up your career for some dumb kid who is acting up?  If you encounter someone on the street make darn sure that person has committed a “real” crime before engaging with them.  Please consider the crime prior to taking action, these days it seems just about everybody resists arrests so be darn sure you’re arresting the person for a “real” crime vs. some dumb nonsense crime society will balk at.  I always tell cops get back to the basics and do real police work and go after the bad guys, not some 16 year old who is truant from school or some 17 year old out after curfew…when things turn ugly and they resist.  You may be justified, but do you really want to explain to a parent that you had to taser a kid for a curfew violation?  Society will eat you alive my friend!  This is something to consider as times have changed and police work is changing as well. Sometimes it is better to just go along with the program.

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