Trump Says Drain The Swamp

Drain The Swamp

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump suggests it is time to, “Drain the Swamp.”  Meaning, it is time to make some changes in Washington D.C. and truth be told it is a great idea and long in coming.  Mr. Trump is in a heated battle with Hillary Clinton for the position of President of the United States and as it looks Trump has the vast population of backers with Clinton fumbling to count only handfuls of supporters at her rallies.  Now then, you will not see CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC media outlets displaying the huge Trump crowds at his rallies.  Why not? Well, we’re not sure other than our own opinion is they do not support Trump or his proposed policies.  After all, we all know the government is rigged and of course voting stations could be rigged as it is all computerized and any dummy knows computers can be hacked.  My gosh, not only dead people have been used to cast votes but illegal or undocumented people as well.  It has been proven over and over! It is time to make changes and time to drain the swamp!  Here are five ideas, Trump would like to see in place:

Reinstate a five-year ban to prevent executive branch officials from lobbying after they leave office and prevent an executive action from lifting it.
Introduce a similar five-year ban on former members of Congress from lobbying after ending government service.
Expand the definition of lobbyists and close loopholes that allow former government officials to label themselves as consultants and advisers.
Lifetime ban on senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.
Campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections and politics.

The rigged system certainly needs an overhaul and this evident by the huge email scandal with Clinton’s personal server.  Many people were either never given the proper security clearances to even have access to such confidential emails. The thought of Clinton making the admission of using a hammer to smash up to 13 cell phones to destroy potential evidence is utterly amazing.  Please do not tell me the system is not rigged…this only part of the equation of the rigged system. If the major media outlets are going to be biased against a Presidential Candidate and only report subjective thoughts, would you not call that rigged?  Our worldly views can be shaped by the media and for the political monsters to twist newsworthy stories to protect a candidate is not only wrong but some believe outright criminal!  Donald Trump is winning and but for the rigged media we can only expect the voter registration will also continue to be rigged as well.  President Obama, feeling the pressure went on television suggesting Trump should stop whining.  Well, for the United States President to come on television and say such a thing is really silly, unless of course, perhaps the pressure is on? We may just find out soon enough?

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