We would like to invite you to post your training with us!  If your agency is looking for some free advertisement space please use our contact page to get things moving!  We would like like to participate in your success!  Remember, our page is viewed by some of the biggest law enforcement agencies globally, so you can bet your boots your link or banner will be seen by some of the best in the world.  Many agencies cannot afford to pay for advertisement and sadly enough cities, counties or even the federal government will not set aside marketing money to make things happen.  So then, put a feather in your cap with your superiors and tell them you found a place that will sponsor you for no charge.

Of course, not all training will not be approved, however it’s doubtful people will be turned away.  Now of course, if you’re trying to promote your porn site and offering training, well then your advertisement will not be approved. Remember, if you want to be seen and get the word out what a better place to get it out there through our police voice! Oh, too, remember we will consider correctional training, private security training, guard training, security officer training, private investigator training, loss prevention training as well.  We can’t forget about seminars because they’re an important part of continued police training. And, I might add if you are peddling an APP for mobile phone users we can promote you!  If your training class is post certified we can promote it’s link so you get maximum exposure.

I will make this simple, nothing fancy, nothing earth shattering…take a look below and you can see our prices.


  1. Twitter shout out, $20.00 per shout out.
  2. Facebook shout out, $5.00 per shout out.
  3. Side Link  $5.00 per month, reoccurring.
  4. Footer Link $5.00 per month, reoccurring.
  5. Training, Careers and Seminars are currently free!