Sheriff Lee Baca to Plead Guilty

Sheriff Lee Baca to Plead Guilty in the latest jail scandal that has rocked the Los County Sheriff’s Department.  Never, in the history of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department has a former Sheriff been jailed.  The problem as I see it, the whole incident could have been avoided.  If the federal government wanted to conduct an investigation within the jail system, the former Sheriff should have cooperated and worked with federal officials in order to see things get done.  In the end, eight sheriff deputies, some with rank were terminated, prosecuted and convicted of various crimes, all of whom worked at the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail. Now then, what I see as the problem is federal authorities and local law enforcement to this very day still do not communicate effectively.  There has always seemed to be a power struggle between the feds and local cops and we all know….. big brother will always trump, it’s a no brainer.  For former Sheriff Baca, well it is well known he let his own deputies down and a lot of deputies lost their jobs…literally over some stupid nonsense.  Those deputies were good deputies, they meant well, they followed orders.  It is no secret the ACLU and other activists pushed, pushed and pushed for prosecution.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there was some horse playing within the jail and there was some justice imposed but GET REAL PEOPLE IT IS JAIL…..A PLACE OF CONFINEMENT. L.A.C.O. Men’s Central jail is one of the most dangerous jails anywhere it is not Sunday school, the deputies are not Sunday school teachers…they are JAILERS…. Yes, I am sure they’re good people in jail over slap on the hand violations but there is also very bad career criminals in the jail as well.

There is no going back now, it is a done deal, looks like former Sheriff Baca will plead guilty and serve up to six months in prison.  It is very hard to swallow, it will tarnish the badge for a very long time to come.  It is my opinion, because of his position he should have been given home arrest or some other alternative besides incarceration, not that he is above the law but because of the people of Los Angeles.  The people of Los Angeles want to hold their heads up high and by jailing their former sheriff for a silly omission is a big blow to the citizens of  across the board. This is not the first time a high ranking Sheriff has been jailed.  Remember, Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona? Former Sheriff Carona was arrested in or around 2008 and given a one  year jail sentence over something pretty stupid as well.  Orange County Sheriff’s Department, although a great department is still suffering because of this embarrassment. Former Sheriff Carona was a highly looked upon hero and certainly did not deserve to go down the way he did.

It is no secret if you’re a D.A. in SoCal and you can lock up a Sheriff…a big fish…you’re career is set in stone.  Regardless, if a D.A. stays with their agency, even in private practice they will go down with having prosecuted a big fish and will bring in business from the criminal element.  Deputy District Attorneys are arrested regularly across America but when a Sheriff in SoCal is arrested…it changes everything…I guess in life if it were a perfect world we would not see these issues come to life.  Please do not get me wrong here, I am all for prosecution no matter who you are or have been in life, however, we must use our brains and quit trying to behead people for silly so-called crimes. It is a sad day for law enforcement, however, we still have great Sheriff’s all over the nation who make us proud and will continue to be, “The Voice for Law Enforcement.”


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