Riot Police out numbered

Protests in Baltimore Monday, Aril 27, 2015.

Riot police in Baltimore, Maryland are out numbered by large crowds of thugs, who supposedly are protesting the death of Freddie Gray a career criminal.  Freddie somehow injured himself while incustody while being charged with being in possession of a deadly weapon.  Protestors somehow believe the police have something to do with Freddie’s death, when in fact the good Lord above called Freddie home for some unknown reason.  Most of the protestors are young and have no focus of how to truly protest peacefully.  Earlier in the day, protestors took over a corner CVS Pharmacy and looted it before setting it a fire, causing the building to go up in a plum of smoke.  A little while later, the same protestors took over a corner liquor store and looted it to the point there was nothing left.

So of course, we can all assume the protestors will soon be intoxicated and will commit even more dumb acts.  The police have been super calm and handling the situation very well… meaning they have just been standing there allowing the barbaric behavior of the local citizenry tear up their city.  We do not blame the Baltimore Police at all for doing the minimum but there will become a time where they will need to protect themselves.  We pray for them every minute of the day and hope they can maintain their sanity. So far, city officials haven’t raised their ugly head and made stupid comments to the media like they did in Ferguson, Missouri.  In time this will all be a memory and we will look back and say what the heck?  Anyone in their right mind knows these protests are not for the sake of making changes but rather greed and further criminal activity spawned by the media who feeds like chum in the water when anything exciting happens…

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