Resist the New World Order


Police departments are being briefed of possible civil unrest dependent on the outcome of the presidential election come Tuesday, November 8th.  It is uncertain as to the reasoning for the possible unrest but word has it there may be some groups who will become outraged due to a rigged election or criminal element who may try and take advantage of society as we know it.  For the most part, everything will be status quo but then again a heighten alert will be noticed within the ranks of law enforcement.  Since, our current government does not believe in radical Islamic terrorists we can only assume the worst is yet to come. Our government is turning to what the liberals call, “The New World Order.” Christians will resist such a movement by whatever means necessary. The time has come where people will feel helpless and with our government dividing each of us greatly.  The Holy Bible tells us there will be great division between, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and it will only get worse if a one world order was to occur.

Our major media outlets can no longer be trusted as their liberal view have certainly taken a toll on our country.  CNN and MSNBC being two of the worst violators ever, we can expect the worst coming from both entities.  Even if Donald Trump does become our 45th President, we can expect a backlash of bashing by the liberal media outlets.  This is sad because their attempt to shape our worldly views affects our youth.  Our youth is confused, and our only hope is Donald Trump becomes President.  If not, we will surely see the demise of our government like we’ve never seen before.  Already, we’re the laughing talk of the world and viewed as weak and untrustworthy. Our police departments across the nation have been devastated by our liberal government further dividing us against one another. In the last 10 days, 10 police officers have lost their lives.  Our lack of law and order is only the beginning.

Perhaps it is all biblical driven as the Holy Bible tells us of such events are to follow in life.  Our Bible tells us of different Anti-Christs which will fool even Christians into believing what they’re saying is true.  The Bible speaks of  wars and rumors of war. There will be famine in our land across America.  There will be times of richness and power as well, but don’t be fooled as the Anti-Christ is given authority to perform some miracles but only to fool people.  I say these things because our law enforcement officers abroad can expect the unexpected in the years to come.  Civil unrest will surely follow, the question is when will it occur?  Really, this is just the beginning and with Wikileaks happening everyday nothing is secret anymore with the digital highway shaping our views. Everywhere you look, people are on their cellphones walking aimlessly or sitting preoccupied with reading liberal media trash, polluting their minds. Our youth are not drinking from the garden hose anymore, they’re not in the yard playing ball, they’re not being social, they’re in their rooms playing video games smoking weed.  Our youth are being bamboozled by fake websites in where anyone can purchase a domain name and write basically whatever they want.  Our youth and elders are being duped by these fake websites and further fooled by our liberal media who twists the truth into lies and nobody is stopping them.

A lot of police departments are monitoring social media because of the vast amount of information which can be gathered in a matter of minutes. Once in a while you’ll hear of a police department who has arrested a person or persons for joining ISIS or commits some type of crime through social media outlets. The U.S. joint task force has warned us of potential terrorist attacks which could happen any day now and what are we really doing about it?  Well, I can tell you we’re not doing much of anything as we’ve all lead protective lives here in America and never really had to worry or even think about it until the last couple of years.  Hopefully, after the election things will calm down a little but how will the media outlets make their money?  Their rankings will fall dramatically and will undoubtedly lose major money, so they will have to lie to fool the people into viewing.  The police will be on heightened alert and we will surely feel the ugly aftermath no matter who wins.  Personally, I would like to see Donald Trump win….. and believe he will no matter how close the polls are.

Of course, I don’t believe in polls much nor do I believe in electoral votes but according to the pro political peeps it looks as though Hillary Clinton is in the lead.  It amazes me how she was even allowed to run for President of our great nation, she is clearly a liar and broke the law with having a personal server in her home, a felony criminal charge.  Her fake foundation is nothing more than a front to profit for self gain. Oh boy, what a mess she has caused…  In our lifetime, we will never forget this election as it will change the world forevermore.  I am hoping if you take a good look at what I am trying to convey here is that civil unrest could be evident no matter the outcome as people on either side feel so strongly about this election.  We can count on fights breaking out in taverns, pubs, bars, nightclubs with large groups of people using weapons and literally causing chaos in our communities.  Our police departments will be busy scooping up wrong doers in the streets the best they can but do not look for an overall answer to the chaos.

People are already mad on both sides, they’re mad because they believe our federal government is rigged and has been on the take for many years and we can’t take it anymore. Personally, I would stay inside after the election and not frequent heavily populated areas. If Donald Trump becomes our new President the criminals like Black Lives Matter’s hate group will lash out and start looting, fires, fights among other barbaric nonsense. Our police departments are ready for any civil unrest but they’re far out numbered and we shall see what is to come. I am not trying to start anything here, I am merely opining and would hate to see any civil unrest.  There are many rumors that the Clinton Cartel have been behind the scenes committing criminal acts for many years and have built clout to stay out of trouble.  It looks as though some of the information is true and can be found throughout social media. Many people fear a one world order and it looks as that is what is to come.  After all, we’re in trillions of dollars in debt, our jobs are scarce, and manufacturers are fleeing our country as fast as they can.

People are in fear if Hillary becomes our President she will shut down gun sales and the ability to purchase ammunition, so gun stores are thriving on new sales transactions like they’ve never seen before.  Hillary does not believe we as Americans have the right to bear arms, she does not endorse our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and wants to abolish our rights as Americans. If you think about it for a hot minute you can see what she is doing, it is all about a one world government which she believes she will become our ruler.  Going backward, this is why I say it is all biblical driven.  Meaning, it is written in scripture that it must happen according to God’s word. We know scripture is true because it is God’s word, therefore, we know it to be true. Our lives must be destined as a steward or disciple for Christ or we will surely be doomed.  The civilian police are only human with a low level of armory and cannot defend everyone in a time of great civil unrest where there is a revolt.  We have to defend ourselves and in the end whether you believe me or not you’ll look back and say that guy was right.  VOTE TRUMP

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