Proposition 47

In the year 2016, many things are being questioned by society causing a shift in the way police enforce the law based on proposition 47.  Part of the reasoning for this is because of the poorly constructed proposition which did not lay out all the specifics.  Lawmakers say it is a training issue, many agencies from all different sizes and populations are subject to poor training, but how could this be the fault of the police?  The ever changing ways of the internet have also changed the way police agencies are to conduct business.  Please do not get me wrong here, there are many police agencies which are highly trained but the fact is training must be ongoing all across our unction.  The police must change with the flow in order to keep up with the standards of society and the law.  We all know, many laws are either amended or reversed at any given time. Our current government has created a division of the people and at the moment it seems to be causing an upset for just about anyone who engages the law. Police Officers are also becoming divided in their views which is not healthy for law enforcement.  I call the problem, “political correctness” which seems to be being addressed more so now than ever and due a division between the beliefs in law enforcement.

This can be dangerous for law enforcement because eventually each half will be against one another and the police are suppose to be a team.  If the team becomes divided then problems will occur.  The way police conduct interrogations and interviews will certainly be questioned along with their judgement. Changes can be good but with a liberal view and far right wing divisions can be detrimental to the police.  Look at proposition 47 in the State of California which passed with flying colors?  Not familiar with proposition 47? Well, yes California is a liberal state and now police cannot charge people with felonies in many cases, therefore, the police merely issue misdemeanor citations.  These changes in the law have caused chaos for the police and yes the crime rate has risen out of control.  I would have never dreamed a small about of methamphetamine would be a misdemeanor in the State of California!  Meth has ruined many lives and will continue to do so…proposition 47 is nothing more than a one-way ticket to death…..

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