police voice police productsPolice products are not only for law enforcement officers who are active and or retired but military and security officials as well. Our website offers a vast variety of products, mostly through affiliate partnerships with 3rd party sellers. If you would like to offer your product here please email us with your product.  Please understand not all products will be approved for resale.  Moreover, please understand the product must relate to law enforcement. Currently, we are entertaining a wide range of products and have been contacted by some of the best manufacturers in America. If you would like to have your product listed in our inventory links please email us with a description of your products. Please understand if you’re selling firearms and or ammunition you must be licensed and will be required to have your licensing available upon demand along with a background check for legitimacy. If you’re in the business of selling police badges, again a background check will be required to prove the buyer is certified and or licensed to make such purchases.  Unfortunately, in the year 2016 we’re faced with doing business with strict standards.  Please email us if you have any questions. Thank you for your valuable time & effort and understanding.

No worries, it may sound harder than it is and really it is super simple to get started. A lot of businesses are interested in links and or banners in order to show off their products. When it comes to marketing, you have to remember that it is a matter of delivery to an audience who may be interested.  In our case, we do have a healthy organic visitor rate with a very active Twitter account.  The fact is if you’re going to advertise then there are some facts you certainly want to consider such as the name of the site: says it all!