Posting Selfies Online

Posting selfies online could be detrimental to your health!  Meaning, if you’re a police officer you should be extra careful of what you post online when it comes to selfies.  Example, if you’re on duty in uniform and you happen to take a selfie with a cladly dressed female you might find yourself in hot water with your individual department. Although, it appears to be harmless, society will hold you to a higher level and will not accept what may be deemed as poor behavior by an officer.  Besides, in the year 2016, everything an officer does or does not do while on duty and sometimes off duty is in question.  If you’re off duty and you take nude or even partially nude selfie of yourself and post it on a social media outlet you again will find yourself under investigation.  Look, it’s okay to be human and have fun in life but with all the technology today you must be very careful what you choose to do with your selfies.  Moreover, if you use a departmentally issued cell phone you will surely be doomed.

Please understand, my point is to be careful and resist the urge to take questionable selfies.  Especially, if you’re one of those practical jokers showing them to your friends, your friends will tell on  you to administrators. If you post selfies on departmental computers you again will be doomed and held to answer.  Keep in mind your position and what it means to the public at large, they expect you to be better than that and will not permit you to engage in what they believe is poor behavior.  Its only fair to say that if you do post a selfie online, make sure it is tasteful and not some selfie with a drunk bum who looks funny.  People will criticize you for making fun of the less fortunate. Oh, and do not allow anyone to lay across the hood of your patrol car to take pictures you will be doomed!  In other words, work your butt off, have no fun, act like a robot, go home stressed…you;re just a number!

Remember, read your departmental policy and familiarize yourself with it the best you can.  Your departments professional standards bureau definitely knows the policies and will hold you accountable.

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