Police Stress

Police StressPolice Stress

Police Stress

Police stress is something nobody can control in life. Moreover, for many police officers who sign up for the job have no idea what they’re about to endure. Many police officers will shrug off police stress and chalk it up to all being part of the job.  However, this is a very poor  way of looking at things. It is important to understand stress comes in many different forms. Whether it being from dealing with people in the street or interdepartmental politics.

On occasions it leads police officers to alcoholism and or drug use along the way. Many believe substance abuse is a cop out.  And, the easy way out but remember the stress of the job can be fierce.  And, cause many good officers to go off the deep in to sort of speak.  If people in society would be more understanding then of course it would make things much better.  But, that is far from the case.  Acting now, society wants the police to perform.

Race Baiters

A lot of times, many officers quit and go into a different line of work. Once they come to the realization it is not worth police stress and headache of fighting a never ending battle.  Under the Obama administration, an all out war against the police. War waged with race baiters inciting communities across America, mostly poor black communities. In an attempt to go against the police, even black police officers who were just doing their jobs. Researcher’s found, Obama and his cronies waged this war and many police officers. Police Officers arrested race baiters.

The liberal and fake new media outlets were eating it up.  The police took action against protests.   Civil unrest and protests across America continued. It was as if it were okay to destroy their own communities and burn down buildings.  This type of stress can be very hard on a person. The day in an day out stress when you have no government support.

Now then, since President Trump, has command he has restored law and order. Our communities are now following the law. The liberal haters are still pushing to get their way but society is no longer listening to their nonsense. Liberals have controlled California for years.  But,  it looks as though now that they’ve run the state into the ground things might be turning around. California as republicans are now taking office in effort to have a better balance. Perhaps the recent elections will give California a chance to reinvent itself. Lawmakers are taking action to restore law and order in society.

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