Police Shootings

Police ShootingsPolice Shootings

Police shootings in the year 2018 have not gone away and what we’re seeing is an uptick to even more dangerous times ahead for our police.  It seems as though the political climate spawned by the Obama administration is now shedding light on what was to come.

The hate and discord for the police was unprecedented during the troubled times of this administration leaving the police vulnerable to would be cop killers abroad.  We ask you pray for our police across the country and ask for their protection. Now that we have a real Commander-N-Chief, President Trump we can once again have law and order.

It is not uncommon for the left to rear its ugly head and continue their efforts to resist but over time we shall see them come to their senses.  Hopefully, life will allow for peace and tranquility with our torn apart society caused by the Obama administration.  Good will always prevail over evil….