Police Sex Addicts

Police Sex Addicts

What in the world? Yes, its no secret that police officers have a tendency to be sex addicts and often times find themselves in some type of trouble or turbulence because of it.  Now then, please understand there is a fine line distinction from merely being horny versus having an addiction.  Meaning, if you’re an officer you may agree with what I am saying here. The reason I picked this topic is because a lot of good officers have been getting into trouble with their departments and or have even been terminated from their position due to bad behavior.  So, let’s cut to the chase shall we?  You have to remember if you’re not a police officer you may not have a full understanding of what it is I am trying to convey here, but please stay with me. Officers deal with the criminal element day in and day out and yes they deal with people who commit crimes and are usually drug addicted and or alcoholics.  What happens is once the officer is leading their everyday life during their police tour a barrage of things are personally witnessed including calls about porn, some engaging in porn, calls involving rape victims to name a few.  What happens is the officer feels sorry for people, so it doesn’t matter if the officer is male or female, everybody has feelings.  Once you begin to deal with people day in and day out as an officer you seem to detect that people whether male or female were probably very beautiful people who basically went down hill whether they use drugs or alcohol or both. The officer who after having some significant time on the job becomes a good analyzer of people and can surely see the good in all people no matter their behavior.  It seems the officer can somehow relate to people who are behaving badly and see the good in them.  Since police work is basically a thankless job, an officer may become so beat down by society that they can relate to the druggie or prostitute as an example.  Of course, wearing the uniform is somewhat masculine for the male and female officer along with the equipment and police unit they drive everyday. Yes, power does play a big role for both the male and female officer.  In case you were wondering, female officers too have a big problem with sex addiction.  I am not saying all female officers, I am merely generalizing, please stay with me here.

Why Police Give in to Sexual Perversion

The over all reasons may never be known, however, it does appear the reason could be coupled with alcohol abuse and or drugs as far as that goes. Many officers have fallen to the dark-side in dabbling in drugs or alcoholism over the years.  Sexual perversion comes in many different forms and it should be known its not just because the officer is horny or wanting sex.  There are many factors involved but I will go into that a little later. Please understand, I am not saying all officers are sex addicted but what I am saying is there are a number officers who are and refuse to admit it to anyone.  A lot of times the officer will place his/her career in jeopardy by taking the risk of soliciting prostitutes off duty as an example.  Why would an officer stoop so low?  Well, simply said, it’s probably because they’re looking for love and companionship that is not reality.  However, in their minds it is and they think they will not get caught because they know all the tricks of how undercover operations work and or that nobody is watching.  Remember, police work is very difficult and the confidence level is challenged often and most officers have adrenaline highs and lows like no tomorrow.  What I mean by this is they’re faced with life and death situations and sometimes feel all alone in the world and that nobody understands them.  So, they look for love in all the wrong places and generally find themselves into trouble by lowering their standards.  If you’re an officer have you heard of another officer cheating with another officer’s wife or husband?  Of course you have, it’s no secret and what was the end result?  Again, no need to bother because we all know the conclusion.   Officers will hook-up with confidential informants whether male or female and have sex with them or oral copulation in some instances because they believe they can trust street people and that the street person will not tell on them.  It’s sort of like the street person is someone who they can relate to and will not judge them other than being an officer.

Police Officers arrested for Sex Crimes

Yes, it is no secret that officers do get arrested for solicitation of prostitution while off duty.  Although, this is common it is not on a wide basis but it has and will continue to happen.  Why?  Well, all you have to do is look around and you see billboards filled with sex, turn on a radio and all you hear is about sex, go on the internet and all you see is sex…. Sex in the media is everywhere and it sadly shapes our worldly view! A lot of times, officers will be in the middle of a nasty divorce and again are looking for love in all the wrong places. Sometimes, officers who are sex addicted want to control and exert their aggression due to ugly things which they witnessed on the job and dominate their sex partner.  After working internal affairs for a number of years, I can tell you officers accused of such crimes generally lie due to being embarrassed of what they’ve done.  You might say to yourself, “Good they should be fired.”  Well, hold on a minute because the way I look at it is the officer can be rehabilitated with the right help to get the officer back on track.  Yes, it is a moral turpitude crime… that being a misdemeanor but most agencies will terminate upon a conviction.  Again, the way I look at it is why terminate when you can rehabilitate? I understand many will not agree but look at it this way, prostitution goes all the way back to the biblical days from the beginning of time.  Please do not get me wrong, I do not condone prostitution in any form but I do believe in second chances in life and we all have some kind of skeletons in the closet and those who disagree are lying to themselves.  If people were to look in the mirror they may ask themselves the same question!  Oh trust me, not just officers get arrested for soliciting prostitutes, so do Judges, Managers, Construction Workers, Social Workers, Doctors, Lawyers, Security Officers, Housewives, Den Mothers, Scout leaders and on and on. But focusing on the police, there is no real reason because they’re suppose to be held to a higher standard. Officers have been known to solicit known prostitutes who have warrants after conducting traffic stops. The officer will trade their freedom for a sexual act.  Gross huh?  Well, although consensual it is still against the law and the officer will most likely face felony charges due to assault under the color of authority.

What leads to Police Sex Crimes

Officers have a very difficult job to do and you have to remember whether male or female they’re dealing with both sexes in some pretty nasty red light districts and are hit on daily by men and women.  Oh, and don’t think for a minute it is only street people who are hitting on the man or woman in a police uniform.  There are many very wealthy people who constantly try and flirt with the police and make every attempt possible to hook-up with an officer.  Just remember, to say you can resist is one thing but its another when you’re in the moment.  Officers frequently catch people having sex in their cars,  at the park and other places morning day and night.  A lot of times the people they catch are cheating on their boyfriends, girlfriends or their spouses!  Yes, it’s that bad and please don’t fool yourself if you’re a cop you know the truth of the matter.  When officers see this day in and day out you begin to think its the norm, although we all know better.  Generally, during darkness officers catch people whether male or female in the act of oral copulation in the most bizarre places ever and these observations are images embedded in the officers mind.  When performing the job and a beautiful model is half naked leaning on your shoulder asking for you to just hold her cause her husband just left her for a younger model.  These events lead up to intense arousal.  Officers are aroused much more than the average person since they’re faced with so many circumstances.  This arousal coupled with the lack of confidence, lack of love, lake of acceptance among other factors are some of what leads up to a sensational arousal for sex. Yes, these are only a few factors there are literally thousands of factors.

How to get help for Sex Addiction

Plain and simple, first you have to accept the fact that you need help and then take action in order to get that help.  Most officers will not speak to their partner in fear of being turned in and or being embarrassed.  So, a lot of times they will call and speak to a counselor in confidentiality to get help but that generally fails when they go right back to doing what they’ve been doing all along. My suggestion is to contact a police counseling team and go from there.  A police counseling team can definitely relate since they’ve spoken to many officers over the same subject.  In this way, at least you can find coping methods to change this behavior before it’s to late.  Remember, society will not have much mercy on you and will surely write you off as being dumb because you got caught.  The male factor will probably just laugh.  The female factor will gasp and tell you how nasty you are.  In order to get help do not be afraid to call professionals who regularly deal in sex addiction.  You do not have to tell them you’re an officer, you can just tell them your thoughts and ask for help as to how you can cope with your thoughts.  Many professionals in the field of sex addiction are prepared to help you and you might be pleasantly surprised of the answers that await you.  We understand you work the mean streets of America and understand the stress level you’re enduring everyday.  So, please understand us as our objective is to get you to take action in order to help yourself.  If you do not want to seek help and do not believe you’re sex addicted then please do not cry when you get arrested and lose your job!  I say this sternly not to make you mad but rather to get you to realize what could transpire and surely do not want to see you in trouble, more less lose your job which you love so much.

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