Police P.T.S.D.

gun_shootingPolice P.T.S.D. , what can I say?  Police Officers are often times subject to such tragedies that not all mankind can fathom such great violence which most people do not realize happen on the street regularly.  Generally, police officers develop post traumatic stress disorder though a long career and most do not understand the symptoms.  Most police agencies in America offer very little training and or say they do but really offer very little for their officers.  Although times are changing it appears most departments are not going to place money in this area.  When police officers are diagnosed with post traumatic stress often times they are alienated from their own departments mostly because they believe the officer is now a liability which is not the case.  Most states within the union do not pay retirements to police officers who have P.T.S….I left the “D” out since medical professionals are getting away from calling it a “disorder.”

In fairness, I will say that it is not that cities or county agencies do not want to recognizance P.T.S. it is just they lack education.  It is hard to believe an agency would not want to take care of an officer who has P.T.S. versus just writing them off or hard timing them so they are papered out.  Police officers no matter if they’re male or female are subject to P.T. S. at any given time.  Do you have a friend or loved one with P.T.S.?  Many of us do and we can see the pain and hurt that comes over them, which never seems to go away.  Do yourself a favor and look up P.T.S.D. on the internet you can see the symptoms for yourself.  Just understand, if you’re a police officer and  you tell your department well be prepared for not so good of news.  You would be better off contacting your medical doctor, counselor or clergy first in order to get an opinion.  Many times counseling and therapy works so well many are surviving well.  Here is the problem though, police officers or not people do commit suicide and the statistics are evident.  If you yourself are hurting and see no way out, please confide in a friend or loved one and seek help.  You might be totally surprised not all counselors are weird….they will help you.

Many police officers have sought help and have recovered quite well as there are things to learn to make things better and they really do work well when practiced regularly.  I know a few police officers who retired but did not receive their badge, id card or their retirement pension.  Most agencies do not know what to do, nor will they pay for much of anything more less a pension.  So then, this is not to scare you it is better that you hear it from me because you do not want to make the wrong decision but your health is of the up most importance in life.  Besides, if you’re a cop you realize you’re just a number anyway so what did you expect?  We are all replaceable and when you’re hurting nobody cares…not even  your police family.  Why?  It is because they do not know what to do to help you!  There is little or education and at best your department will send you to a counselor a couple of times and think you’re all better.  If you do go back to work only you know this little secret about how you’re feeling and you must ask yourself the question.  “Can I shoot someone?”   If you are thinking about the question as you are reading then perhaps you need to rethink the job…because it could be devastating if you shoot someone you shouldn’t or if you lock up and don’t shoot…you can be screwed.

Oh, and there is the part about your fellow officers who will bad mouth you because they do not believe in P.T.S.  which is only because they have NO knowledge of it and merely shrug it off as if it were just a part of being a cop.  Most of those non-believers most likely haven’t been on the job very long and like I said there are haters in every department.  Moreover, you have to think about administration and how they will look at your situation.  Yes, it is all ugly but it has to be said and people do need to know they can get help by asking and seeking treatment.  Additionally, what people forget is they have to continue treatment and continue to take medication if necessary and over time things will get better.  If you are in California, you get bet  your butt a solid nickle you are covered and insurance will pay and so will workers compensation.  Labor law 48/50 allows you to be off one-year with full pay and benefits…so don’t sweat it….



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