Police Patriots

Police Patriots can be summoned up as conservatives spreading the word through kindness and reasonableness.  Most Americans truly only want what is right in life and a fair shake to be heard over matters.  Well, the police are no different in their conservative ways of thinking.  In other words, whats right is right, whats wrong is wrong.  In society today, our worldly view has slowly been changed by the media and I can tell you not for the better.  Police patriots are people who are law abiding citizens who believe in America and want to see our youth evolve to a better life then our own. We love America and have high standards, whether it be in government or otherwise.  We are a Christian nation, We are a God fearing nation…do not be fooled by Obama and is posse.  Our police patriots stand up for what is right in life and continue to make a difference everyday in America.  You and I rarely hear all the greatness police patriots do day in and day out because it is not newsworthy enough for the media to express it to the public since they cannot make any money.  Remember, the media is out to make money……….and that is all they’re about….making money.  Who would have dreamed in a zillion years MSNBC would hire a moron like ole Al?  Police patriots cringe when ole Al is on any medial outlet spewing nonsense to the American people.  If MSNBC was smart they would hire great people like Sheriff Clarke!  Now Sheriff Clarke, a police patriot, would certainly lead the great people of America to best in life.

But it is like anything else….Kardashians?, another liberal farce…none of them have earned a degree of respect for even being allowed on television.  What about Rodney King?… well he is another moron who got what he deserved…those policemen were innocent and found innocent by a state court…it was only when the federal government stepped in by being pressured to railroad the officers involved.  Remember how many times the media played the video over, over, over, over, over and over again?  Those images stuck in peoples head along with the language used by the media to twist our worldly view.  Everybody I know believes Rodney got everything he had coming to him.  With all the loud mouths in the ghetto areas of America screaming, burning down buildings, murdering people, shooting at the police…cities have no other alternative but to succumb to the people who yell the loudest.  Police patriots stick to their guns and remain calm and quiet because of their position.  Not this patriot!  I can and will say what I want and when I want!  I am a God fearing Christian who respects the police no matter good or bad, that’s right no matter good or bad.  Police officers help people every minute of the day protecting our wives, husbands, children, parents and neighbors 24/7!

We must stick up for our police patriots America…we will have to become for vocal to be heard over the idiots who are trying to shape our worldly views.  It is relatively simple…do not violate the law and you will have little or no contract with the police.  Police patriots are, “We the people!”  As Americans we pay our taxes, we work hard, we never give up, we value life, we hold bad people accountable, we make the laws not the government.  It is time to stand up America and help our police patriots anyway you can.  If our police patriots are pummeled throughout life what would we do then? I am not so sure we could survive without them. I am proud to be an American and proud of our police and military heroes….don’t even get me started about our war heroes…I will sure go out of my mind….lol.   As conservatives please understand we cannot all be identical in life, if that were the case then we might as well consider ourselves clones of one another and that would be no good.  It is okay to agree to disagree in life, it is called being healthy.  After all, we are Americans and we will fight for what we think is right…but as conservatives we do it legally.  I challenge the each of you to comment here and let me know your true feelings…it is okay nobody is going to turn you in or whatever.  It is important we hear back from  you so we can do things better.  Our police patriots just need a pat on the back once in a while or even a smile with a thumbs up in order to make things better.  So many times, police patriots are beat down for merely doing their jobs and I can tell you we’re all  humans and must have the support of our people or we are doomed!  “Support our police patriots!”

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