Police Car Killers

Cops being killed while sitting in their police cars

Notice how Police Officers are being killed sitting in their police cars?  What is going on here?  Well, we can only surmise but I can tell you there is a trend here and best I can tell is the “police car” is a place of safety for the officer and of course his/her office as well.  So then, it is not just a car as most would perhaps perceive it, the officer depends on all the police car has to offer.  Especially when it comes to communication, most police cars are referred to as a “police unit” because of the mobile computer, weaponry, and technology of the car.  Yes, some departments refer to them as “police cruisers” among other names but we all know they’re police cars.  It seems as though several officers have been ambushed while sitting in their police cars over the past two years.  Most cases involve people walking up to a police car with a police officer sitting inside and opening fire killing or severely injuring the officer. In some cases, suspects have driven up to a police officer sitting in their car and opening fire on the officer. cop-killerRecently, George Bush lll, allegedly shot St. Louis Police Sergeant in the face while sitting in his police car.  George Bush lll pictured here, was later killed in a shootout with police.

Police Officers are trained how and where to park for safety

What does this mean?  Well, officers are trained to back their police cars up to a wall or building behind them, so suspects cannot approach from behind.  Unfortunately, officers do not have eyes in the back of their heads, so safety has to be priority.  Additionally, this allows for the officer to escape forward if need be.  In metro areas, sometimes police cars are in heavy populated areas and do not have the concealment necessary for such parking and here is where we see the weak link.  Officers become very vulnerable by sitting in their police cars in populated areas.  Moreover, traffic prohibits the officer from moving or having a good escape route due to heavy traffic.  Is there really an answer?  Probably not, we may see police cars equipped with side cameras which may capture images of suspects who approach from the sides or back.  But, even then suspects wear hoodies and masks to conceal their identity.

Police cars have little safety features

It is no secret, most police cars do not have bullet proof glass, nor do they have bullet proof doors.  What does this mean?  It means a bullet will melt through glass or metal like butter and the officer has little protection.  It’s what I call smoke & mirrors!  Police Officers have little chance of survival if assaulted by gunfire while sitting in their police cars.  Yes, if the officer knows of a potential assault he/she can return fire in self defense but most of the time the officer is caught by surprise, thus, ambush.  Over the years, police packages offered by auto retailers have gotten better and better but still most agencies which cannot afford a police interceptor package will purchase a stock car from auto dealerships and outfit the car as a police car and nobody knows the difference.  I guess for smaller agencies in where they do not put much miles on the car it would work okay.  However, for a larger agency it is not cost productive due to the car having hard wear and tear day in and day out.  Most police cars do not have dash cams to record traffic stops and this is because of a steep price an agency would have to pay for a fleet of police cars.

5 Mistakes Police Officers can make while sitting in their police car

  • Police Officers routinely make the mistake by failing to park in lighted areas, believing they will be a target
  • Not advising dispatch of their location or logging on the computer identifying their location
  • Not knowing their geographical location ie,: cross streets
  • Illumination inside the car during darkness, thus, illuminating themselves
  • Failing to monitor main channel, when turning the channel, in turn, not returning to main channel

Of course, most officers would agree with me here and yes there is more but this is not an effort to point the finger it is merely a reminder to assist you if necessary.  Police car killers do not use much recon, they merely look at opportunity and temptation to commit the act. It always seems to happen when  you least expect it, because if you expected it, then it would not likely happen.  Officer safety is of the up most importance and we’re sure most officers practice it like no tomorrow.  Our suggestion would not to be complacent and sit in your police car to write reports, issue citations or chat on your cell phone.  It is better to always be alert and be aware of your surroundings and do not be afraid to tell your partner where you’re at and when you’ll be leaving if possible.  Do not park in the dark unseen with your inside light on where you can be seen as a target.

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