Police Body Cam Jammer

Police Body Cam Jammer, just what is  it?  Well, experts tell us there are a wide range of would be body cam jammers which may distort a nearby audio frequency.  Now then, the big question is can a frequency emitter be blocked by such a device.  Well, the question is simply yes, however to possess and or operate such a device is illegal.  There is no reason for alarm here but you can bet your top dollar eventually these types of devices will be used by the criminal element in the very near future. It is unlikely your local street thug would ever use such a device because of the current cost factor of anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000 dollars retail price.  Again, it will  not be long before technology busts those dollar amounts to a mere $50 bill and it will be then you will see them being used on the streets.  A deputy sheriff working county or rural areas are unlikely to see the jammers being used unless they have a heavy populated county.

Remember, the criminal has an objective and that is to block or jam any type of video or audio footage so there is no evidence linking them to a connection with the police.  The scary part is we all know it is coming……. a piece of mechanical equipment is something which can always be manipulated and will work against law enforcement.  Remember back in the day,  the “pager” in where you could receive a text message depicting a phone number?  Back then we didn’t even know it called a text message, although it was all numerics it was still a text..lol….   It was a trend which  was very popular and before ya know it the whole pager thing was poof… gone!  You could ask the youth today and they would be lost for words not knowing what a pager was or its functions.  So, you see with a police body camera it is only a  matter of time in where technology will catch up to it.  How can it be fixed?  Good question, my thoughts are if all possible a regulated frequency in where perhaps a digital laser was used to stream real time footage to a base location in where storage could be met.

If you’re in disbelief this could happen take a look back and remember the “scrambler” boxes for cable television? Well, this proves to be the same concept. Although there are many examples, my point here is safety, after all…… every law enforcement officer should not come to rely on a police body camera as something that will save you in a complaint and or court case.  Like I said earlier, it is a mechanical device which must continuously be upgraded or it will fail. If you truly believe the police will maintain the police body cameras you’re sadly mistaken, the mere cost and training for the cameras will undoubtedly break the bank…so trust me here, there will be no money for any upgrades, maintenance, training, calibration etc..  So then, the better choice is to select a quality police body camera that will last and has custom support, care and upgrade through a reliable manufacturer. Yes, they’re out there and yes you can get a good deal.  If your department cannot afford to purchase a police body camera you can easily purchase one for $10 on Ebay, which basically has the same functions with about 2 hours of video footage with a quick to insert jump drive for computer upload and downloads.   However, if you choose this route please routinely check your body camera for deficiencies etc..

Tell us about your experience with police body cam jammers, we’d love to hear from you!  If you would like to send us your story please use the contact page to contact Police Voice.

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