Police Batons

Police Batons? What the heck is a police baton? Well, what in the heck happened to the police baton anyway?  For the life of me, the only thing I can figure out is they basically went out of service near or after the arrest of Rodney King in the early 90’s.  L.A.P.D. Officers found themselves doing what they were trained to do when it came to using their police baton’s when attempting to subdue Rodney who was physically resisting arrest after a high speed pursuit,  he was later determined to be under the influence of PCP – Phencyclidine an animal tranquilizer.  They’re are many types of police batons but in the case of Rodney the L.A.P.D. officers involved used a Monadnock PR-24  in where multiple strikes were delivered. Well, cut a long story short the involved L.A.P.D. officers were ultimately charged with assault under the color of authority, however, all the officers were cleared in state court and acquitted of any wrong doing.  Since there was a riot and public out cry by a few activists and opportunists the L.A.P.D. officers were charged federally and a few of them were convicted and served short sentences.

During that sad time in history, the police baton was looked upon as taboo and most agencies found themselves attempting to retrain on the use of any or all their police batons.  But the fact is, most officers refused to use the police baton over time and so then…. the police baton has since gone away.  Now then, since officers no longer rely on their police baton in fear of getting arrested themselves?  They have resorted to using their hands to subdue resisting violent aggressors, but look whats happened.  More and more officers have been charged with assault, arrested, fired or imprisoned.  So, who in the heck wants to be a cop?  Seriously, we’ve taken away just about everything we could away from them. We’ve taken their self-esteem, trying to make them guardians versus warriors and the worse is yet to come. They still have their water & pepper which is called “pepper spray” by most but cops call it “OC ” which is short for  oleoresin capsicum.  Depending on the agency, most carry Taser’s which are effective but are being criticized by the minute.  So, all that is left is their sidearm, and that my friends is the last resort on the scale of  use of force.  I say bring back the police baton and allow officers to effectively protect themselves.  Most people in society expect the police to protect themselves at all cost but in today’s society there are a lot of liberals who want to shut down the police and their authority.

Once this happens you see will civil unrest and a society that is out of control and there will be no going backward. If we do not allow the police to protect themselves and stop these silly lawsuits then we will never recover as a society. The police must be able to protect themselves.  Remember, “verbal judo” well that was a keen thought but it went away because it doesn’t work. The reason it doesn’t work is criminals do not want to talk they want to commit crimes and certainly do not want to speak with the police. Some may disagree, however, the fact is it is no longer looked upon as being useful within the police profession. What is needed if anything is additional training on how to handle someone who asserts and or engages in tough talk with the officer, the officer must bring the person back full circle and be able to defend themselves intelligently.  We came out with the 3 strikes law in California, so why can’t we come up with a 3 warning rule, if you do not comply then you will be met with force and…. tell society what that force may be.  Additionally, we can make resisting arrest a felony as it should be…. just as long as officers go by the rule when it in fact is a felony.  These are just some ideas which may never see daylight, however, at least it is a small but feeble attempt to make things better for the officer.  We cannot allow this same behavior to continue which ultimately affects us all!


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