Mosby Under Fire

Baltimore District Attorney, Mosby under fire from police officials across the country for statements made to the news media concerning six Baltimore Police Officers her office has indicted for various silly charges.  American civilian police agencies and law professors are crying foul!  Why Mosby would publicly try the six officers in the media is beyond what the law has always stood for.  For most, it clear to most her trade off was to indict the six officers so the bleeding would stop in Baltimore.  Of course, it did not work the race riots continued by would be thugs who were mere opportunists.  So then, if this was her plan to get people to stop it would seem to me that is a pretty sick thing to do in order to fool the public and publicly embarrass the six Baltimore officers.  Here is the question we have.  After thousands and thousands of people who transported in the same method like Freddie was, how come they did not suffer the same injuries or sub come to death?

It is because it never happened!  It is so-unlikely this would occur it is almost laughable.  The likely scenario is Freddie was injured prior to his transport and this was the cause of his demise.  Police Officers are not doctors and do not have the knowledge to asses someones medical prognosis.  Of course, we all know that but the way we look at is the Baltimore D.A.’s office has a lot to learn in this area.  Mosby has already called for a gag-order on Freddie’s autopsy, which is very suspicious at best.  Why?  Well, why would Mosby file a petition for such an order?  Was she coaxed by authorities from the Federal Government?  Who knows?  It is odd behavior to say the lest, after all transparency is always called into question on these types of cases.  Police agencies across the nation are screaming, “Foul!”  Additionally, long term ivy league law professors are doing the same citing dismissal and non-acquittals due to Mosby and her statements.

In essence,  it looks as though Mosby may have lessened the race rioting but crime is out of control and heading for the worst homicide rate in the history of Baltimore.  Why?  The police are outnumbered and have little or no faith in the Baltimore District Attorney’s office while Mosby is in office.  We figure soon enough Mosby will wither away in private practice in due time.  People realize she is a mere lawyer with the title of D.A. which really holds no authority other than being a part of a prosecuting body.  D.A.’s are not activist, they are to be impartial and non-subjective in their thought process with no knee-jerk reaction in being consolatory.  In Mosby case, her publicly made statements have all but convicted all six officers before even seeing a court of law.  We like many Americans across the union are sadden by the publicly made statements made by Mosby.  We are suppose to trust our D.A.’s and our courts but I guess it goes to show you not everyone has what it takes to be a district attorney and some fake it until they open there big mouths and only then will people say, “Oops!”

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