Montebello Police Reserve Captain Mike Wolfe

 Captain Wolfe receives Commendations reports:Police Captain, Mike Wolfe started as a Reserve Police Officer with the Montebello Police Department in 1985. He has worked various assignments throughout his career including patrol, bike patrol, detectives, and since 2002 has been assigned to the Traffic Unit as a Motor Officer. Mike has been recognized and received numerous commendations from businesses in the City of Montebello, other police agencies including but not limited to,  Los Angeles County, the City of Montebello, Los Angeles Peace Officers Association, Community groups, and Montebello Police Department for his dedication and commitment as a Police Officer.

Motor Officer School

Mike was Reserve Officer of the Year,  both in 1990 and 2003 and a recipient of the Medal of Merit from the City of Montebello in 1988. Mike completed the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Motor School in 2002. Motor School is an intense two week course that teaches the already proficient motorcycle rider police motorcycle enforcement riding and police techniques. Before attending Motor School each student must train with a seasoned motor officer for at least 100 hours to be proficient enough to pass the Motor School program.
Mike donated his own time and equipment, including a motorcycle, to become a Motor Officer. Since 2002 Mike puts in a minimum of 40 hours a month on the Motor patrolling the streets of Montebello. Mike also assists with special enforcement operations including DUI check points and DUI patrols. He also has donated his time year after year for events in Montebello including Christmas at the Cannons, the Heart of Compassion Food giveaways, National Night Out, Armenian Commemorative event and the Armenian Food fair, just to name a few. Additionally, it is important to recognize his duties also included backing up regular officers in the line of duty not only on traffic stops but criminal calls for service as well.  Remember, motor cops don’t just give tickets they’re also responsible for enforcing all the laws of the land.  Montebello is a thriving city in the bustling area of East Los Angeles and is considered a metro area in a suburban geographical area in Los Angles County.

29 Years as a Police Officer

As a Police Officer, Mike has approximately 29 years of service placing his life on the line in the face of danger working the mean streets of America.  His commitment as a veteran police officer with an unblemished record finished well and is regarded as one of the most highly respected officers in East Los Angeles. We can only imagine the amount of money Mike has saved the City of Montebello, the citizens would be pleasantly surprised if they only knew what that dollar amount truly is.  Why is it important?  Well, simply put, Mike dedicated his entire life to law enforcement and trust me that is not an easy feat for anyone. There are many heroes in life, but we want to give a special thank you to a “Police Hero” and that is Captain Mike Wolfe for being that hero who was always there for the citizens of Montebello!  All the times he has placed his own life in grave danger in the face of evil is someone who deserves to be called a brave policeman.

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