Millennial Police Officers

Just what is a “Millennial Police Officer?” Well, we can sum it up by an era probably starting between 1980 – 1991, or so. The youth were told they were special and that they would be very successful in their thinking, thus, causing the millennial youth to become overachievers while in High School, however, once they started college they eventually dropped out believing they were owed more by society and that they could make their first million dollars on their own. The millennials are technology driven and will seek answers from Googling their questions and believing whatever they happen to find on Google, Bing or Yahoo.   Some people call them trophy kids and or job hoppers.  I could go on and on but these so-called millennial youth are applying as police officers and will undoubtedly get hired! Well, since most never made their first million, reality set in and they had to seek out some type of employment that would make them the most money in a short period of time. Those who sought out law enforcement positions knew the benefits were good along with a solid hourly wage without having a college degree.

Once hired by a police agency they flew through their academy classes as overachievers and did well. Once they learned their routines they merely applied the para-military theory and again did well in their field training programs and hit the streets.  But, wait!  What happened?  The so-called, “Millennial Police Officers” came to realize they were no longer in the academy, they were no longer on a field training program, they were no longer on probationary status!  So then, what happens is the “Millennial Police Officer” rears their ugly head and now demand to be heard in an attempt to be heard by imposing the post-modernism way of doing police work versus the traditional way.  Well, this has turned things upside down in police work as the millennials have pushed their unions to backing them and their ways of new policing.

There was a day, when a police officer rarely could be marked with tattoo’s on the bare arms, nowadays police agencies have been challenged and the millennials are “sleeved up” with sparse tats on either one or both arms.  In the old days, you rarely saw a police officer with anymore than one tat as it was a sign of evil or a sign of something bad…most looked at numerous tats as someone who had been to prison.  Not today, it is very common and accepted as the millennials have successfully changed the view of law enforcement.  How about, the way the male millennial wears their hair?  It is very common for them to wear a completely bald head with no hair. No, it is not against any policy I know of but what the heck? Why, be bald headed when a nice parted on the side look was presentable as a pleasant officer? There was a day when across the board if you’re bald headed you’re either mature in age or have completely lost your hair.  If you were bald headed most would call you “psycho.”  However, this is something that just popped in my mind, it doesn’t mean the millennials had much to do with it but it is a bit fishy.

What happened to wearing the police uniform tailored and tight? The millennials wear their uniforms un-tailored, sloppy with no creases! The reason the millennials give is they want to be comfortable which is understandable but gee what about it being called a “uniform?”  What happened to wearing uniform boots?  The millennials prefer to wear tennis shoes!  What happened to wearing leather gear?  Well, the millennials prefer to wear nylon products due to comfort.  I remember buffing out the leather belt and all the accessories to a high luster and it lasted forever.  The nylon gets worn and has to be replaced constantly and has no shine and actually looks worn most of the time.  What happened to the uniform hat?  Nowadays, the millennials are wearing baseball caps which look faded and worn out, plus they do not fold the bill and look completely ridiculous if you ask me.  More and more agencies are allowing the millennials to wear beanie caps or skull caps which I think look like burglar caps.  Nevertheless, the millennials pushed for these changes and because of liberal views it has been allowed to happen.

What does all this have to do with police work? Well, the way I look at it is although cosmetic it still has to do with how police work is performed. You see the millennials demand respect and if they’re given the respect they are easily conned by the criminal. This is where you see the millennial police officer get into trouble. In other words, the millennial officer is out to make a name for themselves not necessarily to do good police work.  Now, you may disagree with me here but trust me the millennial officer only wants to get promoted to make the bigger money and to do less work as possible.  They’re not in the position to really conquer police work, they’re there to screw anyone who gets in their way as long as they make it to the top. This holds to be true in the bigger agencies in the more metropolitan areas.  I stopped and spoke to a couple of millennial police officers on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. not long ago.  I won’t say which agency they were with but one was a female and one was male.  They both were young millennial officers, they both looked slouchy as they leaned up against their unit gleaning their Oakley sunglasses….. Oh, and their uniforms were so sloppy, I just had to ask.  Are you guys reserve officers?  Nothing against reserve officers, it just seemed to come out of my mouth at the time.  Of course, they both said no they were regular officers.  I was not shocked just amazed. I asked them about their benefits and retirement.  Well, both of them were completely clueless and had no idea of how their retirement worked or what percentage they would be retiring with.

Both of the millennial officers said they had about 3 years on and were not sure where their careers would take them.  I cut the conversation short and wished them both a good day!  Yes, they were very friendly but literally clueless.  I feel sorry for them as they have a long time to go in their jobs and have a lot to learn.  In this day and age, I see the difference in police officers being hired today versus years ago.  As a kid, roaming the streets of Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA.  When you saw a police officer they were probably 6ft tall wearing a uniform hat with badge, with their hair high and tight with a uniform that was tailored to fit, they looked like warriors and protectors of the street.  Let me tell ya, they were in control and demanded respect and of course were given the respect.  For the millennials, I spoke about, well they seemed like society formed them into push overs….and sparingly trophy’s just earning a paycheck…..

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