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Law enforcement jobs are plentiful in the United States as most agencies are experiencing a lack of interest in today’s job market.  Yes, there are many people who apply but most do not meet the minimum standards and that is scary for the police.  What is more scary is agencies are being forced to hire females and minorities who have criminal records and or who cannot pass the required minimum tests.  Do not get me wrong, non-minorities….whatever that means have the same problem.  What’s the answer?  Nobody seems to know the answer, however, society seems to dictate on how these hiring practices are done in their own geographical area.  Heck, personally I believe anyone who applies as long as they meet the minimum standards should be given the opportunity to become a Deputy Sheriff or Police Officer.  What I’ve found working for more than one agency is that even the most difficult agency to get hired on is probably the easiest if one puts their mind to it. 

Sometimes things make no sense, you could fail an oral interview and never go back, or you could apply for the same agency and pass with flying colors 6 months later.  The fact is law enforcement is a field that is very unique and is based on traditional values. In the year 2016, the demand for law enforcement standards is at an all time high, the problem is nobody wants to pay for it.  Nonetheless, the market is wide open for law enforcement jobs, in order to help you out here are some links of agencies who continually hire law enforcement officers:

Law enforcement is an exciting job with most agencies paying excellent salaries along with great benefits. If one law enforcement agency is not for you, try another to see where you fit.  Some people love being school cops while others want to be deputies.  Either way, the market is wide open to all and if you really want to be a police officer then you have to stay out of trouble and you must go to college in order to get ready for all life has to offer.  I must say law enforcement is not for everybody just like anything else in life, heck I wanted to be a NBA player, well that ain’t never gonna happen…lol

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