Islamic Radical Terrorists

Islamic Radical Terrorists is a title which has become common place in America, especially when there has been so much controversy over our Commander-N-Chief who refuses to publicly use the words  “Islamic Radical Terrorists.” Well, we all know he is a devote Muslim and refuses to admit his connection to Islam.  The real issue here is these so-called terrorists are mostly from third-world countries and have mostly murdered their own, raped their own and tortured their own. There have been cases of journalists who were captured by Islamic Radical Terrorists and were likely killed by beheading from admitted terrorists.  Actually, if you notice there are no journalists frequenting these third-world countries any longer?  Why not?  Well, simple they do not want to be kidnapped and killed!

Once our government elects a new Commander, only then will we see the necessary changes for America.  Our current government has many Muslims working in the White House, so hopefully a new set of employee’s will replace them once a real Commander is in charge.  America is a Christian nation not a Muslim nation.  Most Muslims fled their own countries in fear of being killed by Islamic Radical Terrorists but you don’t see them fleeing to Russia do you?  No, they mostly fled to Europe and now if you look at Europe they’ve come to realize they’re doomed!  Europe is completely infested with Islamic Radical Terrorists and will likely never recover.  In America, civilian police cannot handle Islamic Radical Terrorists because they’ve not been trained or have very little training. There are Muslim mosques popping up all over America and the police know nothing more than the address!  Do not be fooled most civilian police agencies have no clue where to begin and just like in San Bernardino, CA. the two people responsible actually worked in County government and were both identified as devote Muslims attending a local mosque.

Our local police agencies need serious training not so much as enforcement but more likely the identification and or indicators that will assist them in tracking suspicious people no matter what country they’re from.  I am not suggesting being spies or whatever, I am merely trying to get you to wake up to the fact these people are here in America and we must  have a vetting process that is very strict.  Let’s continue to pray to the God Almighty on the throne in Heaven people will turn from their evil ways!

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