In God We Trust

In God We Trust, is a slogan law enforcement agencies have chosen to have affixed as a decal on the rear bumpers or back end of their police units. I am not so sure as to why, other than Christian police officers believe we as a society have removed, “God” from our daily lives.  It is there way of saying, who their creator and protector truly is.  Personally, I am all for it as long as we’re talking about the same God who resides on the throne in Heaven!  If it is referring to any other god, then I am opposed to it all together.  In today’s society, it seems pagans and or non-believers are down right mad about it and want to voice their opinion over it.  Well, seeing that is the case, I too can do the same and support such a slogan.  The world today is in deep trouble not only with crime but sin as well and if you look at history, well it repeats itself over and over.

Our position should be that of pureness and cleanliness especially when enforcing mans laws as Christians. I don’t want to get to deep here but I am sure you get my point. The liberals will certainly disagree with me here but I don’t have to believe in political correctness. If a law enforcement agency wants to put a decal on their police car honoring God then I am all for it.  The police are not saying you have to believe in God, that would be up to each individual to accept Him or deny Him as we all have the free will and opportunity to do so.  Remember, the police do not have to be politically correct either, their job is law enforcement but like any other organization they too can have a tagline.  By adding such a slogan is nothing more than making a statement, you can take as you wish. Generally, anything the police do is scrutinized by the public as you can never satisfy everyone that is just life plain and simple.  I remember a time where a police officer wore a small American flag pendant on his uniform and was made to remove it.  I also remember a time where a police officer wore a small gold cross on his uniform and was told to remove it.

You have ask yourselves the question, “Why would anyone care?”  Well, I can tell you!  It is very simple it is the liberals who believe in fantasy fairy tales who are lost in life and would prefer the police to wear pink  uniforms with no gun or badge and use squirt gun for a weapon!  That is simply never going to happen, you cannot operate as a police officer under such conditions. Even if you could, you would not be effective and would only cause dangerous situations to escalate and become worse. The police are held to a higher standard, so for the police to be politically correct is a big no no. We can only hope and pray the liberals will not attack the police and allow them to do their jobs.  Yes, police officers need continuous training and if they’re not afforded such training they will make mistakes which could have been avoided.  However, you have to remember most police agencies are poorly funded and lack training over all due to budget constraints.  American police are some of the highest trained out there but smaller agencies just barely scrap the bottom.

In God We Trust, is a great motto to go by, after all our police have nowhere to turn in the moment of life and death.

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