Hold the Line Baltimore

Hold the line Baltimore!  In the wake of the riots taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, who would have ever thought people would be so out of control.  The videos broadcasted through CNN are somewhat weak in what is actually being reported other than thug like behavior.  Other streaming news sites seem to do nothing more than capitalize on what CNN has already said. Question is where is Al Sharpton during this chaos? Not that anyone cares, but I am sure there is a good reason for it and the hatred for ole Al was evident based on his last stint in Ferguson, MO. when he tried to make it a modern day Selma, Mississippi.

Last reported there were 15 police officers injured with 2 serious but stable still in the hospital.  The Mayor of Baltimore has imposed a 10:00 P.M. curfew starting on April 28, 2015, with the notion of placing the United States National Guard on standby.  More news pouring in through law enforcement channels are reporting, “credible threats” to kill police officers from the notorious reputed gangs known as the “Bloods & Crips.”  These threats have been identified as being credible and law enforcement has been notified throughout the U.S.  Our thoughts are with the officers of the Baltimore Police Department and their families as they endure sheer madness from mankind.  Please remember Baltimore and all their fine citizens in your prayers.  Police Voice, would like to hear from you on these issues and if you have any video you would like to have uploaded please contact us as soon as possible.  Our vision is for the people to the police voice for everyone!  Please join us and comment, share and repost this article to your social media networks.

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