Harford County Deputies Gunned Down

Harford County Deputies responded to a call of a  suspicious male in a Panera Bread restaurant, which about 20 miles from Baltimore, MD.  When the first deputy arrived, it was apparent perhaps the deputy may have knew the suspicious male as he sat down beside him and asked if he was okay.  It was about that time the suspicious male raised a gun and shot the deputy in the head killing him instantly.  Patrons said they saw the deputy fall to floor bleeding profusely from the head, they ran for their very lives.  The unknown suspicious male ran like a coward out of the restaurant and down the street when he was confronted by a second deputy.  The second deputy was met with gunfire from the same suspicious male.  A gunfight took place and after an exchange or volley of rounds the deputy was hit once and the suspicious male lay dead in the street.

The deputies name will be held out of respect for the family and the Harford County Sheriff’s Department and for officer safety reasons.  One deputy was a 30 year veteran and the other about 16 years.  Our prayers go out to their families and to the Harford County Sheriff’s Department.  These two brave warriors gave their very lives for society they were sworn to protect.  They’re now in Heaven with our God Almighty as peace keepers to this day.


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