Free items are generally items given away by active or retired members of law enforcement.  However, others may have items listed for “free” as well dependent on what it is they’re giving away.  Of course, our website does not endorse any item given away for free, meaning we do not accept any responsibility for any items given away for free. Please visit our terms & conditions and privacy policy for additional information regarding free items. If you would like to post something for free, merely use the contact page to list your item(s) for review.  Normally, our response is very swift so there shouldn’t be much wait time.

Some of the larger agencies may have some used police equipment which could be handed down to other smaller agencies. Or, perhaps the “free” item(s) may have little or nothing to do with law enforcement but needs a new home. Please understand each item listed for free will generally be listed by an individual and you will have to deal with them directly. So then, remember if you post an item(s) for “free” please leave an email so that if anyone is interested they can contact you. If the item(s) are weapons such as an ASP or PR-24 please understand, it will be up to you to list the weapon for law enforcement or security use only with either a license or certification to possess such a weapon. If you list an official law enforcement badge, then again, it will be up to you to ensure that you have the authority to give it away to someone who has the authority to possess it. It is unlikely any of these things will occur, however, we wanted to be fair and let each of you know there may be certain reasons as to why some items may not be posted. If you have any suggestions please let us know, we’re more than interested in hearing from you.  As time goes on, we will surely post products for sale as well, so please let us know what type of business you’re in and how we can help.