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If you’re in the market for the ideal concealed weapon there is a new .380 caliber cell phone gun hitting the streets this coming year.  The fact is if you have a C.C.W. – concealed weapon permit you may carry a gun no matter what type it is even if it looks like a cell phone gun. However, there are dangers to this concept as people who may not have a C.C.W. permit and are of the criminal element may use the cell phone to fool not only other citizens but the police as well. Of course, there are pros and cons to this concept but again the fact is they will be available on the market if not already in the underground black market.  Truth be told, it scares the police to death to think criminals will undoubtedly carry cell phone guns in an attempt to fool citizens and the police. Meaning, they’re just concerned with the criminal intent of mean spirited people. It is already earmarked as big trouble for the police as they will have to second guess themselves if people point a cell phone at them not knowing if it is a cell phone gun or not.


If you do not believe me just Google how many times the police have been forced to shoot people who point cell phones at them, when all along they were not cell phone guns but rather a simple cell phone.  Why would people point their cell phone gun at the police?  Who really knows?  Other than, perhaps the person wanted the police to believe they were in possession of a gun. Cops call it, “suicide by cop!” On the other hand, the ideology behind the cell phone gun is apart of technology in the year 2016. The cell phone gun has a lightweight frame,  high velocity, hammer less and will cost you between $395 – $695 dollars.  Although, the concept is not really new, we know this to be true due to the “wallet gun” that came out years ago which was favored by the police since they could easily conceal their weapons.  Most police officers have to carry two wallets because if they’re ever robbed as an example they certainly do not want to hand the robber their police wallet.  There has been many cases in where off-duty police officers have been caught up as victims in robberies and once the robber finds out they’re police officers they were shot and killed.  So, you can see why the wallet gun is favored by the police.  You see my friends, the cell phone gun does not have to be a threat to society but we must as a society be responsible and understand we will be held accountable for our actions and or even inaction’s.  Keep in mind, if a person commits a crime when using a cell phone gun the district attorney will certainly bring up the fact the person knew by purchasing and using a cell phone gun and committed a crime it will show malice aforethought.  Jumping ahead, if you’re trying to find cell phone guns there are a number of places we suggest:

Yes, Ideal Conceal is the place!  If you’re in the market to buy please checkout their website to get all the intel, they have a wide base of information which may better answer your questions. Our recommendation is you use due diligence when purchasing any weapon from any manufacturer and please check on your state laws in which you reside so you can be safe from the law.  Oh and do not be fooled by fake cell phone guns you’re only asking for trouble!  If  you have any questions please shoot us an email, our customer support is available mostly throughout the day.  Lastly, I might mention in order to carry a cell phone gun you must have a permit, do not think for one moment that you will be able to carry a loaded concealed firearm and claim its just a cell phone!  Moreover, once again check your state laws as it relates to concealed weapons and open carry laws!


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