Ferguson Thugs

Ferguson thugs is now a common household name in America, but because anyone really had a choice in the matter.  Of course, people in Ferguson deny themselves as being thugs and actually do not like the word, “thugs.”  Now then, I realize not everyone in Ferguson are thugs, so for the purpose of this story I want to make it clear we all know who I am referring to here.  I am talking about the people who we have seen time and time again demonstrating in the streets of downtown Ferguson.  I might mention Ferguson is nothing more than a dot and has little population with a very small downtown area.  The media tends to blow up little Ferguson as if it is a populous place and structurally has many businesses.  But the truth of the matter is it is a very poor city with little business and is full of poverty stricken minorities.

So then, a couple of hundred of the residents who have been behaving thuggish, well they’re the ones the media is hyping up every time they get the chance.  Why?  Well, of course they make money and sell mad commercial space!  Ferguson police are paid very little and truth be told lack major training as the city cannot afford to offer much.  The poor men and women of Ferguson are so beat up I am not sure the department can be fixed nor the city’s reputation for that matter.  The fact is Darren Wilson was justified in shooting and killing M. Brown.  Looking back, if M. Brown would not have attacked Officer Darren Wilson and attempt to disarm him he would most likely sitting on his front porch smoking a blunt with his gang member buddies.  But the fact remains he did what he did and served the price for doing so.  Interestingly enough,  the community is so ignorant they idolize M. Brown and have recently again tried to celebrate the one year anniversary of the incident.

The average reasonable person would not dare do such a thing since M. Brown is a disgrace not only to himself but to the City of Ferguson as well.  However, you cannot explain to ignorant thugs much of anything because they don’t get it and probably never will.  YOU CANNOT ATTACK A POLICE OFFICER AND ATTEMPT TO DISARM HIM! But like I said, they will doubtfully ever get it and will continue to convince themselves M. Brown is some kind of hero.  In any case, the true hero is Officer Darren Wilson!  Officer Darren Wilson will go down in history for being a brave Police Officer and highly thought of in the police community.  Let’s face it, America has tolerated Ferguson and let’s not forget that loud mouth activist ole Al!  You know the moron who stirs up meaningless debates and has been paid by MSNBC as a pawn for the thugs of the world.  Yes, you know him well and all the African American people I know personally are super embarrassed by his actions and do not refer to him as an activist but more of a moron leading other morons in this world.

Let me say this is well, when all the thugs get together to do demonstrate they really are not there for any real cause.  The reason they’re there is because they are opportunist and merely want to have so called fun and look for any business they can break into and steal the shit out of it.  That is the real reason thugs in Ferguson attend demonstrations.  These so called thugs do not work, they collect unemployment, they have no education and have no desire to become educated.  They only are feeding to the media frenzy like chum in the water, they know nothing of how to serve their community and or to good in life.  These Ferguson thugs do get arrested by the police, however, they never see court because charges are dismissed.  Oh, let’s not forget how much money has been paid out to spiteful journalists who obstructed, delayed the police in their investigations and the thugs who have been paid by the city for their idiot actions.

I am not worried, its not my money.  If Ferguson wants to give their money away to thugs then be my guest!  Journalists should be professional and stand back and take photos and report newsworthy stories, I get it.  Often times, or it seems so lately, journalist are becoming emotionally involved and when they too start taunting the police and or becoming a part of the problem then they are dead wrong.  I have many friends who are professional journalists and act perfectly in accordance with the law when reporting.  The police are not against reporters, they’re are against reporters who are mean spirited and try to get involved by being intimidating and or placing themselves in danger.  Remember this, if there were no police….what would happen?  Our society would be in full civil unrest and chaos would happen around the world.

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