Donald Trump Police are being mistreated

Donald Trump, the 2016 Presidential nominee, believes the police are being mistreated.  Well, of course this is an understatement at best, but with the world it is today we can as to why.  Hillary continues to bash the police with the notion of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and tends to underscore all the great things police do for society.  Hillary and her libtard followers do not seem to get it when it comes to public safety. Only time will tell but once it does everyone can and will surely know that Donald Trump was correct in his thinking. Police Officers all across the nation are mourning their dead comrades who gave the ultimate sacrifice for society.  A lot of people are saying the police need to be re-trained, however, that is not true.  What the police need is additional training but to try and change the way police currently do things is not the right way to go about things.

What Hillary would like you to believe is the police should be trained as “guardians vs. warriors.”  Meaning, a guardian would take a soft approach vs. the warrior mentality.  Okay, so that sounds good but the police are already guardians and the soft approach is just another libtard way of thinking and it will not work as the devil still roams the earth and there are still evil people on earth. If the police are not being mistreated, then what do you call it?  I am not sure where to start as the subject matter is quite voluminous with many different factors to the equation.  Here is part of the problem as I see it and that is the general public or average person does not truly know what police training consists of and as far as they’re concerned the system is broken.  The average citizen only see’s the media playing the same videos and or images over and over, so they become to believe the system is broken and something is terribly wrong.

The average citizen becomes conclusionary when viewing a video and pre-judgemental when they do not have ALL the real facts to make such a judgement.  Additionally, the average citizen does not possess the legal knowledge to make such a judgement.  Yes, there is the less than 1% in where the video and or images do reflect wrongdoing but it is extremely rare, so we will chalk that up to human error or the law of physics. Either way, it is well known humans will error and that nobody is perfect. So then, if the police are not being mistreated then why would Hillary and the libtards continue to speak against the police?  Why would Hillary invite relatives of slain criminals to the DNC?  It is simple, because she is capitalizing on numbers in effort to win the presidency, nothing more.  If by small chance, Hillary, does become President then you will soon see all of her followers will become disillusioned and will all be forgotten.

Our mission is to praise the police, the police can and do police themselves, they do not need Hillary or any other libtard telling them what to do.  The police can very much handle themselves or some rouge cop who may come along.  Working internal affairs, I’ve seen plenty of rouge cops who were filtered out of the system, however, 99% of the cops are good and deserve major props for what they do. In my opinion, Donald Trump is correct the police are being mistreated and respect needs to be restored. I am thinking perhaps if Donald Trump does become our next President he will instill the respect the police desperately need.  Amen.

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