Did Anthony Weiner Snitch on Hillary Clinton

Well, we’ve all heard F.B.I. Director Comey reopened the criminal investigation involving possible pertinent emails found on a device in Anthony Weiner’s possession.  Weiner an American politician and former Congressman from January 1999 to June 2011 was previously married to Huma Abedin a staff chairwomen to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Assuming you know the previous email scandal involving Hillary Clinton, it is safe to assume you understand the case has been reopened, however, nobody really knows as to why.  Now then, let’s stop all the silly notions of trying to figure out exactly why F.B.I. Director Comey reopened the case.  The fact is he did and the fact is he had no choice in the matter.  From a law enforcement standpoint, his decision was based on elements of a crime.  Meaning, if nothing new was discovered he would have never sent his drafted letter to both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Most likely what happened is the F.B.I. had conducted a part and separate investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting allegations, in where, he supposedly sent sexting text messages to an under aged female.  While conducting their investigation, either the agents stumbled across emails which may or may not have been classified and or Anthony Weiner was about to be charged with a crime.  If in fact, Anthony Weiner, was about to be charged with a crime, he may have said, “Oh no, wait a minute, I’ll give you Clinton.”  If he did, he may have been given full or limited immunity,  if of course the information was significant.  Or, perhaps it could have happened a number of other ways, who knows?  Anyway, anyone in law enforcement will tell you,  F.B.I. Director Comey is an intelligent individual and is a cop at heart and if he went to the extent that he did, there was something so significant and criminally damaging he had no choice but to reopen the investigation.

Remember, President Obama, does not appear to come to her rescue.  President Obama stops campaigning for her.  Clinton’s long life friend Huma Abedin disappears and has not reappeared since it was learned the criminal investigation was reopened. Hillary Clinton, a lawyer, knows good and well the F.B.I. and or any other law enforcement agency cannot and will not ever release information to the media when it comes to a criminal investigation as it relates to the content or elements of the case.  There is no such thing as holding, “Media Court” for the people to decide. We have a justice system in place in the United States, not court T.V.  However, she continues to go on television and demand the F.B.I. put out on the table what they have.  Well, this all sounds good, but like I said she’s a lawyer and she knows good and well this cannot be done and continues to try and buffalo the American people with this charade.  It is laughable to law enforcement because we all know the F.B.I. will never release any information.  Plus, she can keep badmouthing F.B.I. Director Comey and that is the worse thing anyone in their right mind could possibly do if they’re being investigated for a crime.

After all, she is Hillary Clinton and she has gotten by with it this long, so who knows how she’s thinking.  I tell ya what though, I would not mess with the F.B.I. because if she thinks for one hot minute they will not arrest her she is sadly mistaken.  You watch and see if they don’t go after Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin and after that if they don’t get what they want they’ll go after Hillary Clinton.  Why you may ask?  Simple, because the F.B.I. are cops and that is what they do for a living, they investigate and arrest people who commit crimes. Again, you can mark my words, this investigation was not reopened for no reason and truth be told a whole lot of people could be in big trouble. I’ve met Hillary and can tell you first hand she is very rude toward the police and very racist.  How do I know?  There was a time when I arrested one of her family members and while in court she confronted me.  While in full uniform, on duty, awaiting to testify against her relative she told me I should be ashamed of myself and that I was stupid, among other things.  Well, there was no reason to be ashamed, it was Bill Clinton’s brother of whom I arrested and he committed several felonies and I am far from being stupid.  My point here is she has a history of being a tyrant and saying whatever comes to mind when confronting the police.  She has been exposed over and over and criminals never learn, they set patterns and think they can get away with just about anything. Well, I’m here to tell ya it will catch up to her and she will be held to answer it is just a matter of time…..The fact is, it is she who should be ashamed of herself and if anyone is stupid it is her!

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