Cops Helping the Homeless

Yes, police officers are continually helping the homeless and have been for many years upon years.  In fact, police officers have really gotten the short end of the stick if you ask me as I know personally many police officers who have given money, food, shelter, clothing and more over the years but rarely if ever are the officers recognized for such good works.  Some might say well its the responsibility of the police to help the homeless, however, that is far from the truth as the police have no responsibility other than out of the kindness of their hearts to help.  I think the real question is, “Who’s responsibility is it anyway?” I am not sure it’s anyone’s responsibility to help the homeless as we all have to co-exist but that does not mean any person or entity has the responsibility to care for the homeless.  Yes, it is a sad state of affairs but I am not so sure of the answer or the cure all that will fix the problem.  After all, not all homeless people have much of a choice since some are stricken with mental disabilities or addictions which they cannot control.

Some homeless people choose to be homeless and really do not want any help from anyone and basically choose to live on the grid.  Living on the grid sounds somewhat okay as long as the person can take advantage of what life offers them without preying on society.  Many homeless people hold up signs in effort to “beg for alms” but in most jurisdictions there are laws preventing them from making a living off of generous handouts.  Others pick up cans and bottles in effort to cash in what little they can get from recycling centers.  Others find small jobs such as cleaning windshields while motorists get gas at the local mini-mart.  Some go as far as, asking for a few bucks to clean car rims or applying tire dressings.  The homeless come up with all types of ways to make an honest living and sadly enough if they do make any real money it goes to alcohol or drugs or both.  Many times a lot of homeless people will pull their money in effort to buy alcohol or drugs and if there is any money left over they will eat some type of fast food.  Although, most of the time people will give food to the homeless by merely asking for a handout.  Anyway, the police see homeless people day and day out and see what it is they’re doing to survive and on occasions the police will extend kindness and pitch in.

Every once and a while a church organization will make up food packages to give to the homeless and or small package which usually contains a comb, toothbrush, soap and other small toiletries, however, once the giver drives away or leaves that package is thrown in the trash.  The homeless are no so interested in those care packages, they’re mainly interested in money so they can buy alcohol and or drugs, chips & dip or something they like that goes with their individual addiction. Let’s talk about shoes, a lot of officers see how dirty the homeless keep their feet and feel sorry for them.  Again, once the officer buys those shoes they  could basically careless and will either trade those shoes or sell them for alcohol or drugs.  Yes, I could keep going on and on here but you can see it is a vicious battle when it comes to finding an answer for the homeless.  Some people believe the homeless brought upon themselves and will show little pity of them.  I realize they’re not all homeless because they want to be but there is a community of people who do want to be left alone.  Yes, many people who were once homeless became famous actors and or singers and ended up doing well in life but that is only a small fraction as most continue to fail and live the life of a street person for long periods of time.  Skid row is known for alcoholics and drug addicts, it was just recently L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. arrested a drug kingpin who was supplying the homeless on Skid Row.  So then, obviously not all homeless on Skid Row are broke since they can buy drugs for their addictions.  Please do not get me wrong here, many homeless people need help….I am just not so sure what the answer is.  Do you?

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