Cell Phone Gun

Police Officers across the U.S. and beyond have been alerted to a cell phone gun hitting the mean streets of America. Although, we’ve seen cell phone guns in the past they’re becoming more popular underground everyday.  As law enforcement struggles with educating the public on such dangers it proves one point here and that is many people have been shot and killed by law officers when people point their cell phones at police.  Many people call it “suicide by cop” but I call it stupidity and if people understood the police cannot make a judgement call in these split second events. So, if you understand what I am saying here, we must understand there are many different types of firearms which date back many years from the zip gun to the Saturday night special.  Of course, there are other types of firearms disguised as knifes, brass knuckles, wallet guns and many more to even mention.  But  you get my point!

Our law enforcement officers must be diligent in their own education and keep up with any and all training as it relates to weaponry hitting the streets. Unfortunately, cops are all different and have different training.  Some police officers work rural areas such as the desert, mountains, metro areas and most have their own ghetto areas plagued with crime.  So then, police officers patrol different and many factors go into the level of safety or officer safety depending on the agency.  Keep your eyes peeled for these cell phone guns and please do not second guess yourselves, if there is an imminent threat of danger where you believe your life is in peril and you’re in bear fear for your life then do what you have to do to survive.  I am not trying to school you here, I am merely saying be cautious and vigilant in your dealings with people on the street as trust only goes so far. Yes, there are phony cell phone guns, but how in the heck are the police to know the difference?

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