Catching Bad Guys

cops catching bad guys

Catching bad guys is something officers do every day!  Yes, cops are on “the hunt” as soon as they go in-service, most agencies call it going 10-8!  Once you hit the street everything is wide open, unless of course you perhaps work for a busy agency and you log on to your MDC or MDT, if of course you have one…only to find there are several calls pending.  Oh crap, there are several paper calls pending which is sure to tie you up unless you have the gift to gab and can blow off the paper calls.  In any case, there will be down time in where your hunt begins.  It may be a ped-check or two or maybe some t-stops either way you’re sure to get into something eventually. There are hypes and burglars roaming the streets day and night! There are dangerous sex offenders, sex registrants and  pedophiles slithering around parks and schools preying on young children, you must catch them they’re bad guys and girls and must be stopped! It is your mission to catch drug dealers peddling drugs day in and day out ruining people’s lives and destroying good neighborhoods across the country.  Now then, you have to remember everyone else on your shift is on the hunt as well and they too are looking to “catch the bad guys.”

You can ask any officer, what sucks is sometimes there are so many bad guys on the streets it is believe it or not difficult to nab them all.  I hate to use the word, “profile” but basically that’s what cops do in order to catch bad guys.  Oh,  you disagree?  Yeah, I disagree too!  However, it is just a word and it does not mean hate or racist, that is what the race baiters would like you to believe but its far from the truth….Well, let’s do this, let’s change the word “profiling” to “hunting” it’s a bit softer and not so race baiter Al Sharpton nasty.  Oh by the way, does “hunting” mean hate or racist?  Heck no, therefore, we can make it what we want it to mean…”catching bad guys.” However, it is a part of cops fabric to look for “indicators” which will assist them in catching the bad guy, it has nothing to do with hate or being racist!   No matter, what you call it, cops will catch the bad guys under any circumstances.  Bad guys can be anyone who commits crimes to being a nuisance to society.  You see my friends, society wants the cops to go out and catch the bad guys and no matter what the liberal morons think the silent majority supports the police big time.

Remember, the police are itching to catch the bad guys that is what they’re paid to do. Yes, some give tickets and do provide service for incoming calls but they do much more.  Officers save people lives in domestic violence incidents, they respond to robberies, they respond to burglaries, they respond to theft calls, they respond to mentally ill incidents and much more.  But, at the same time they are on the hunt to catch the bad guys out there running a muck. Believe me when I say this, no matter the age of the officer they’ll always be on the hunt to catch bad guys its in their blood.  And, believe you me, officers have caught bad guys for the past 100 years and will continue to do so forevermore!  Let me be clear, officers will never cease and desist from being on the hunt. Police departments across the nation can try and make “guardians” out officers but in the officers mind they’re “warriors” and have a job to do and that is hunt down and capture bad guys.

The Obozo administration can try with their feeble attempts to soften the police image, by changing the color of uniforms, take away military issued equipment or even try to overhaul the way police tactics are carried out.  I can assure you every officer will revert back to the basics of police work. Working the streets where criminals roam is very dangerous and only the brave men and women who wear the badge will undertake such a feat.  Even if the loud mouth activists convince police departments to throw marshmallows at the bad guys they will always revert back to training.  People in society want people who commit crimes punished plain and simple.  So, that being the case… officers will continue to hunt and catch the bad guys no matter what.  The police cannot be stopped from doing their jobs, no matter who the Commander-N-Chief is at the time.  Why? Well, simple in order to have a civil society the police have to be left alone and able to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  You may ask, well what about lawsuits?  I say what about them? It is all a part of doing business.  What needs to change is….we can start by making resisting arrest a felony and lock people up with heavy fines, maybe they’ll think twice about resisting arrest!  Another thing, we as a society can do is “cap” lawsuits so these idiots don’t receive millions of dollars every time they resist arrest. Anyway, I can go on and on but you get the drift here, officers will always catch bad guys no matter what!

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