Body Cams

body camBody cams are being worn by law enforcement officials along with private security officials and can be seen nearly everywhere today.  If you’re interested in selling or purchasing body cams on our website please use the contact page to get a hold of us. Of course, if you’re in the business of selling body cams please accept our invitation to list your product with us.  Of course, not all product lines will be accepted as some may not meet the standards as it relates to placing products into the stream of commerce.

In the year 2016, we will continue to see technology spiral upward and the use of body cams will be the norm in the world we live in. Police agencies across the U.S. are in great debates in reference to the identification of the need for body cams.  Yes, they can be expensive, however, I will tell you it will most likely be a big money saver if you can capture it on video.  Are there downfalls?  Yes, but like anything else you must adapt whether you agree or not.  Most civilian agencies with a population of 25,000 or more have most likely already fitted there officers with body cams. The reason could be many, but for the officer it is a witness to real life events and more often than not officers are finding themselves being able to prove up the indication of any wrong doing.  If you’re interested in advertising with us please use the contact page, we will contact you as fast as possible. Additionally, if you’re in the business of selling dash cams for police or security units we would like to invite you to advertise with us as well!  The community of private investigators frequently uses all types of cameras, spy cameras, nanny cameras and even dash cams, we would love to hear from you as well!