Badges, Beer and Boobs

Badges, beer and boobs are referred to at the “three B’s” in police work in where most police officers find themselves in trouble with their administration.  Let’s talk about the badge first, it is no secret all of us who have ever been issued a police badge and identification card know first hand the power that goes with it.  The good people of our individual states empower us with such authority which is to be cherished.  Now then, what happens is for some unknown reason especially when you’re a rookie you have trouble keeping your badge in your pocket.  After all, what good does it do in your pocket where nobody can see it.  So, as an example undoubtedly there comes a time where a testing of the waters takes place and the badge is whipped out and shown to a citizen.  I have a good friend who was a reserve officer who got into it with a young female citizen during the middle of the afternoon one day, in where, the reserve officer pulled out his badge at stop sign and showed it to the young female driver.  The reason for showing badge was because the young female driver had been, “tailgating” the reserve officer.

Well, the young female driver took down the reserve officers license plate number and gave it to her brother who just happened to be a full-time police officer.  A police report was made over the badge showing incident and the reserve officer was called in behind closed doors. Well, unfortunately the reserve officer was terminated and lost his badge.  The circumstances of the termination were simple, the reserve officer was on probation but even so, reserve officers have no property right interests within the department as volunteers.  Of course, there has been many, many other incidents in where officers have been called in by their superiors for flashing their badges.  My suggestion as always is keep it in your pocket and go the other way as all it does is causes problems.  There will be plenty of time to show your badge to citizens in the line of duty.  Yes, you can buy one of those cheapo chains with a holder and wear it around your neck!  Anyway, you get my point here. When it comes to “beer” well it has been my experience that a lot of officers love to drink after work at the local watering hole, which is really not a problem.  What is a problem is when the officer decides to drive home intoxicated thinking and or believing his badge will get him or her out of a D.U.I.  Unfortunately, in the year 2016 that is not the case any longer, perhaps there was a day years ago when officers were shown professional courtesy by other officers but in today’s like that is not the case.  Yes,  your brother or sister officer will arrest you for D.U.I. and if that happens you will be totally embarrassed.  In some cases, depending on the state in where you’re employed you may be terminated.

Plus, if you drink and drive if you’re involved in a traffic collision and someone is injured now you’re looking at a felony and will surely be terminated if you’re convicted.  It really is not worth it!  If you’re going to go out drinking with your friends then call UBER or a taxi…for $50 bucks you’ll have no worries.  If you try and chance it….well good luck!  Remember, you most likely will end up in the same jail you’ve been putting criminals in!  There are other beer drinking incidents which get cops in trouble as well.  They may go home and get into a domestic violence incident while intoxicated which a lot of times turns into a felony arrest.  Now you’re behind bars thinking how I am I going to bail out? This happens frequently, so if you think you’re immune from being arrested your dead wrong my friend.  Plus, cops do dumb stuff when they’re intoxicated…they leave the bar driving in the downtown district and see prostitutes and end up getting arrested in prostitution stings frequently.  Yes, they’re good cops but when intoxicated they get themselves into all kinds of trouble when not thinking correctly.  Getting back to the traffic collisions while intoxicated, it just popped into mind a lot of officers will flee the scene knowing they’re intoxicated and end up getting fanged for leaving the scene of a traffic accident as well. I could go on and on here, this is nothing  you do not already know, you just happen to be reading it live.

Jumping ahead, well when it comes to “boobs” cops are infamous for getting in trouble not only on duty but off duty as well when it comes to women. I can cite many circumstances but bottom line it does not matter if you’re a male cop or a female cop I’ve seen both on many occasions get into trouble.  A lot of times the male officer will meet a female driver on a traffic stop and it turns into a date but later down the line something happens in the relationship in where allegations are made and the officer is doomed once the department finds out you met on a traffic stop.  No, not all relationships go bad and in fact some cops end up marrying women of whom they meet on traffic stops!  On the other hand, if you’re a female cop and are doing a bar check at a local night club and happened to meet some cute guys be careful of what their intentions are.  A lot of times if you meet them after shift, they are well intoxicated and you might find yourself being a victim of some sort. Either way, it all has to do with wearing a badge, beer or boobs!  We call them the three “B’s” and it has literally ruined countless cops careers when in fact they were actually great officers with lots of potential.  I guess part of the problem was the fact that most were party goers and lived on the edge as rouge officers or big time producers with no out as it relates to stress.

Like I said, I’ve seen so many good people over the past 30 years go down for the most stupidest reasons ever.  Oh, this just doesn’t happen to police officers it happens to correctional officers like crazy, they seem to get into the same types of situations regularly.  Yes, there are others too, like judges and D.A.’s who too find themselves flashing their badges, drinking beer and doing the boob thing.  Again, I could keep going here but I’m sure you get my drift please THINK before you make the decision to pleasure yourselves…..

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