Assassination Attempt of Donald Trump

A 19 year old UK man,  protester Michael Steven Sandford, plotted for over a year a scheme to assassinate Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His plan was rather ingenious as his plan involved disarming a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer and using the gun to assassinate Mr. Trump, knowing that it would be unlikely he would be able to enter a Trump rally with a firearm.  Michael did in fact attempt to disarm a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer but of course was unsuccessful and was taken into custody.  During an interview and interrogation investigation, it was learned that Michael had planned to take out Mr. Trump and would likely die during the process.

Michael’s mother reported that he is autistic and suffered from past depression and once escaped from a hospital while in the UK. Federal officials have denied Michael bail citing he is a danger to the public at large and an escape risk.  It is important to realize there are many people who suffer from many types of ailments or psychological issues who attempt to pull off such crimes, however, they’re still responsible for committing such acts and are not immune from prosecution.  In 2016, we’ve seen and or heard of many such incidents in where people have plotted to take out politicians, so in a sense it has become common place.  We praise our police for protecting all of us, especially with our current weak government who have shredded the confidence of our police.  If our civilian police lose their confidence we, in turn, we lose our confidence in them and with our current administration questioning police tactics it does little good to sit back and criticize.

The police know how to take care of themselves and when they do something illegal or something in where they use poor or bad judgement then there is a process which has always worked with little flaws, there is no reason to question the police discipline process. Again, the Las Vegas Metro Police Officer who fought off Michael during the crime is to be praised as he most likely saved not only his life, Mr. Trump’s life but probably many others.  Oh, and by the way… MICHAEL STEVEN SANDFORD was in the United States of America ILLEGALLY

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