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Welcome, okay so you’ve decided to come and see what’s up as far as advertising.  Well, I can tell you you’ve made the right decision as our website is new but it does get traffic as we see who comes to visit on our Google analytics!  You’d be surprised who stops by and looks at our site!  We’re proud to be, “The Voice For Law Enforcement.” Meaning, we’re not so politically correct; however, we do get seen and our presence will not go away anytime soon. Our mission is to be transparent but like anything else people will agree to disagree.  Bottom line, is you’ve come here looking to advertise and we can help you do just that. We realize most police agencies do not have very much of a budget to advertise or market their training or employment criteria but no worries we will help the less fortunate.  Just so you know, we network with many active and retired deputy sheriff’s, police officer’s, correctional officers, firefighters, military from all branches. Our reach is global and our mission is to be the police voice for the people!

If you’re trying to advertise a charity event please let us know we will take a look at what you’re trying to achieve and make it work for you. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to advertise, it could be a book, a service, a product or perhaps you just want to advertise a story or an article.  Just make sure it has to do with law enforcement. I could probably go on and on here but like I said if you’re looking for a great place to be seen you will surely be seen by many top companies within law enforcement around the world.  Truth be told, several very large multi-million dollar companies have contacted us requesting advertisement quotes and so forth. Since we’ve just we are new to the game those companies are watching us grow and will come to us when the time is right. On another note, we’re big enough and loud enough to be seen around the world with real live police agencies looking at our site regularly. We have many police agencies following us on our Twitter account. Our Twitter account is growing about 50 followers per day, without doing much at all.  The reason for this is people want to have a voice, whether it be a police agency or a civilian. Our Facebook page is a little different story, we are just starting out with a new page but it looks as though we will grow over time.

I will make this simple, nothing fancy, nothing earth shattering…take a look below and you can see our prices.

  1. Leader Board Banner $500.00 annually.
  2. 300 x 300 Side Banner $250.00 annually.
  3. Video placement, $25.00 per month.
  4. Post an article, with link, with image, permanent $25.00.
  5. Press release, not permanent, $25.00.
  6. Twitter shout out, $20.00 per shout out.
  7. Facebook shout out, $5.00 per shout out.
  8. Side Link  $5.00 per month, reoccurring.
  9. Footer Link $5.00 per month, reoccurring.
  10. Training, Careers and Seminars are currently free!

Last simple step, click on the “Buy Now” button below and it will take you to our “Secure Payment Processing” system.  You can easily use any credit card or Pay Pal account to render payment. You do not need a Pay Pal account to make a payment.  Please specify in the notes what advertisement option you would like to purchase. If you have a banner merely email us and will upload your image with a redirect link.  If you’re purchasing a link merely give us your domain name website address or page you want hot linked. If you are purchasing a shout out on Twitter or Facebook merely tell us your message and or link, messages are no more than 140 characters.  This is a very simple process, pinky promise!