Advanced Officer Training

Advanced Officer Training is something every department should offer to their officers at least once every three years or so.  Police Officers need such training to keep up not only with new laws but new training methods which might differ from previous training. Aside from academy training, officers must keep up with the times and what society dictates as new training for anyone working the streets.  Yes, every state is different and all offer a number of types of training dependent on what geographical location the officer is working in. Police Officers who work in the desert terrain may need updated training as it relates to large “raves” or parties taking place in remote locations, where police officers working on the water may have to deal with large parties on private yachts in the middle of the ocean.  Either way, you can see where police officers must train in order to deal with the unexpected.  Additionally, officers need to practice with their weapons in order to perfect such officer safety techniques.

Advanced officer training is not cheap, it actually can be quite expensive so most smaller agencies are encouraged to jump on board with the larger agencies to take advantage when those classes or training come available. I might add there is a responsibility for each agency to offer continued training for their officers due to liability issues. To just say its to expensive doesn’t work in the year 2016, as it will become more expensive if the officer does not receive continued proper training and it is found the officer is culpable for some type of wrong doing. I would encourage each agency to seek out training through their individual state’s police officer standards of training. There are many outlets such as grants etc… in where the smaller agency can recoup money for training. If anything at all, I am sure a police trainer would host a free training seminar in order to give back to the police community.

I truly do not believe there are very many agencies who are insolvent, most can afford the minimum training.  Perhaps, if several neighboring smaller agencies could get together and have one person trained as a “trainer” in this way, each agency could take advantage.  Please do not get me wrong here, some smaller agencies may have big bucks and could afford the best of the best and if that is the case that is awesome.  However, the most complaints I hear of is nobody  has any money for training and that is sad because police officers can only do so much and can volunteer so much time.  One thing I might add, is they’re online classes which are very affordable and some agencies might even have training “CD’s” they may give you to use in order to keep you afloat.  With these things being said, each agency must take the first step and ask around to see what is available. I wish all of you well and if you need anything please use our contact page, perhaps we can guide you if you’re in need of assistance.

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